About Us

We are two sisters in a family full of boys, with the same nickname hence Shwin&Shwin.

Growing up our dad would ask us one question everyday:

“What did you do today to push back the frontier of ignorance?”

This is our attempt to show him we are always learning something.

All About Shauna:

  • I have Three kids, Jude, Abbey, and Penny
  • I have a loving husband who supports all ideas
  • I love to create anything but I tend to just sew
  • My first love was with embroidery
  • I was a licensed hair dresser for 8 years
  • I am a Beatles fan (they may have influenced my kids names)
  • I love to learn new things and try to daily
  • I Created Shwin Designs (my pattern line) in 2011
  • I like diet coke, likely more than I should. (so basic) 
  • If I could swim all day everyday I would, I love the water
  • My kids are my life and I am honored to be their mother

 All About Morgan:

  • I have 3 boys, Luke, Lincoln and Welles
  • I have a wonderful husband 
  • I used to model and loved traveling around the world
  • I am a licensed aestheticism, I primarily do laser treatments
  • I love all things fashion
  • I have an artsy side
  • I love to paper craft
  • I grew up a tomboy
  • I still love sports

Want to work together? Have a question?

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