we are still on a mission to make this:

Which is modeled after this:

Today we will move onto the wheels

If you need to make the body go HERE

For the wheels above shows the pieces I cut out which are:
  • A circle (cut 4) that should match what you traced for the body
  • The Tire part rectangle the length is the circumference of the circle (diameter X 3.14) (cut 2)
  • And the spokes kind of a half circle shape (cut 12)
  • You will also need filling
Now on to the construction:

First Lay the black spoked onto the circle so it looks kind of like the photo above. Sew around the edge attaching each one in place.
(as a note I found that if you are using vinyl and pleather as I was, to avoid the ripple sew right sides together. This will put the wrong side up on the black spokes, but they are spokes so it doesn’t really matter, but one of my wheels is really rippled and one is not, this was why)

Next sew your rectangle together so you have a tube

Then pin right sides together sewing the tube all around the circle

Then sew another circle to the other side

Make sure when you sew the second one you leave and opening for the filling
(I know the picture is horrible but you get the idea)

Then after clipping the edges around the circles turn it right side out and stuff it

then stitch the opening closed

And you have your self a wheel. Do this twice so you have two wheels and never mind the fact that the wheel pictured is attached to the bike I will show you how later.
Next is the Add-ons!