Welcome to Instagram Friday a glimpse of life beyond sewing and crafting. 

 We got a “mini blizzard” last weekend. The snow stayed on the ground for about 24 hours before melting away and the kids were so excited they went out to play in it before it was gone.

 Our Neighbor has ducks. Yes ducks. She has a whole slew of them. Which is fine they keep the kids and the cat very entertained when they wander over to our front yard.

 Jude got all ready for his first Valentines Day party at school.

 He wrote his name on each card all by himself. Even if half way through he asked if he could right something else instead. Obviously he is not cut out to be famous he gets sick of signing his name too quickly. 🙂

 My “instagram valentine” to my husband… “won’t you bee mine”
He said yes.

 The kids grandparents gave the family a new game for Valentines. I think Jude loved it the most (he won)

I also have been working on finishing the kids playroom. It is nearly complete… of course I always say that and then another week goes by… but really it is almost done and I am loving it. (as are the kids)

So how was your week?