Welcome to instagram Friday a glimpse at life beyond sewing and crafting…

 The week started with my “get well” flower being in full bloom. A great way to start the week since the cyst ruptured and I have been well on my way to recovery and off pain meds. (so if you emailed me and never heard back emails suffered the most so I am sorry if you didn’t get a response)

 I was able to get out an celebrate an anniversary with the love of my life. Even if our getaway will wait for another day.

 Abbey our little toy player. It’s so fun watching her play with toys (animals are her favorites) She was a trooper on a trip to Joann’s and found the only toy in the store a tub of farm animals, naturally I had to say yes. Jude never played with toys (excepts cars and trains from time to time) I kind of love watching Abbey play with her little imagination.

 Pepper is our neighborhood watch dog. He is quite good at it too. Nearly any given moment you will find him gazing out the front windows barking at any passing thing.

 Since I was feeling better, and feeling bad for my kids who had to stay house bound with me for 2 weeks we made a stop at the toy store after preschool one day. Do you ever take your kids to the toy store to play? It’s my kids favorite thing to do. Sometimes they are lucky and even get an allowance of a couple bucks to pick a treasure to take home.

 Abbey doesn’t understand the concept yet so she likes to fill her hands with treasures… And she has a love affair with minnie mouse so a whole aisle of minnie toys was more than she could handle.

 Jude played super heros. His favorite? Captain America… until tomorrow when I sure it will be another one.

 We made mickey mouse valentine cookies… I didn’t hear the timer go off and, well they were all inedible, but we had fun making them.

Abbey likes to show me toys and her new thing is wanting me to take a picture of her toys.

So how was your week?