Welcome to a special edition Instagram Friday {On Thursday} 
Here in the states in Thanksgiving, which means, being thankful, cooking yummy food, eating the yummy food and spending time with family. (there may be some football for the men maybe…) Since tomorrow is going to be full of special deals, sales and giveaways I thought I would have Instagram Friday today. 
We had Thanksgiving yesterday since we celebrate a day early. I spent the day, cooking and loving every moment of it. I nearly cooked myself into labor… but the contractions stopped, which is fine really I have a few more weeks 🙂

 While I was cooking, I had my “little taster” near by, she requested Finding Nemo on the computer (so she could still be near by) Within no time at all she had the i-pad, and i-touch set up in front of her with a different show on each… technology much? She is a funny girl.

 Jude had a role in the annual children’s program at church. He was a perfectly behaved child since we pinned his tie to his shirt this year. Last year he took his tie off and used it as a boom-a-rang… it was an awesome moment.

 I have been working on a pants pattern (one I started oh, 8 months ago) final near complete. Of course right after I sewed this perfect welt pocket with inset flap… I went and sewed the other pocket upside down. It was pretty annoying. Don’t you just hate stupid little mistakes?

Jude is our little artist. He loves to color and so every month or so I love to brighten his day with a new pack of crayons. Everyone loves new crayons and a new pack makes this kid so happy, he colors for hours.

So how has you week been?
I hope those of you celebrating Thanksgiving have a great Thanksgiving and we will see you back here tomorrow for some amazing Black Friday Specials!