I thought I would take a little break from Sewing and do some updating to my home. Fall is approaching and I love to give my rooms some new life before winter comes along. This time I thought I would cheer up my living room by adding some pops of color.

Are you Afraid of Color?
Don’t be, color is great! Color adds personality to your home. Even if it is just small amounts here and there that pop color is great!

You will need:
  • Vases
  • Spray paint
  • cardboard

First take some old vases. I am slightly addicted to vases (ok seriously addicted) I love finding vases super cheap at yard sales, thrift stores or even walmart and Ikea. Anywhere I can get it I love it. My favorite thing is when they are all a little different in shape and size (or even color you can fix that) So here is a collection of vases.

Then take them outside and place them on the cardboard. (this is key color is good but not all over your sidewalk or lawn) Apply the first coat of spray paint. Spray at least a foot away and slowly move the can back and forth to get a good even coverage. The first coat may not fully cover. (as seen above) that is fine the slower you do this the better they will turn out.

Then add another coat or more until you have the desired look. As seen above.

Then place your newly painted little joys where ever you like. I like to cluster mine to show off the different sizes and shapes but they stay uniformed since they are matching colors.

Enjoy! Go ahead get creative and bold with color!