Yet another Home Decor project.
Then I will be back to sewing I do after all have a fall and winter wardrobe to finish.
Today I am sharing my bird on a branch. A little piece of whimsy I have in bathroom.

You know how in fairy tales the princesses always wake up with little birds chirping a sweet melody. Wouldn’t that be nice? Instead I have a three year old stumble into my room crawl into bed and watch cartoons. He kicks me a few times since he is three and can’t sit still for a moment. That my friends is how I wake up no birds, no sweet melody. That is until I go into my bathroom where the little red guy greets me. He doesn’t chirp a sweet melody but with all the noise in my world sometimes silence is just as nice. Do you want to make your own little birdie?
Great! Let’s get started!

You will need:

  • Felt (for both the body wing and beak)
  • A branch off a tree
  • needle and thread
  • Hot glue (optional)
  • Stuffing or tissue paper

First cut out your bird body, you can do this in any shape you like or follow the shape I did above. Cut 2 of them (in the picture one is slightly bigger I changed my mind in the middle of making the bird and did the front and back of the body the same size so cut 2 the same size) Then cut a wing kind of a tear drop shape. Then a beak. Make the beak bigger then you want to show so it will get sewn in. (that will make more sense later)

Then sew the wing on to the body. (sew it on to only one body piece) I used my sewing machine to sew this but you can sew it by hand if you want.

Then place the beak sandwiched between the two body pieces

Sew around the edges leaving an opening

Then put your stuffing, or tissue paper inside the bird to puff him out a little.

Sew the opening closed and then using needle and thread stitch a few times through the bottom of the bird.

Then using the thread looping around the branch sew the bird to the branch.

An optional part: If your bird is having trouble standing up then you can put a strip of hot glue along the back so the bird stands up.

Then you are done. Add your branch to a vase (surprise surprise I used a vase again) Place it where ever you need a little bird to be in your life. Or you can add your bird to the hemp vase with branches made HERE