Let me tell you a story:

This man (pictured above and also known as my husband) Is a very great man. I love him very much. That is not what this story is about. This man has a way with words. He can make you feel like the most special person in the world and yet as he will say something right 1,000 times there is always that one time… (how I met your mother reference…) This one time after making something I was particularly proud of, and thought it looked particularly nice, I get a “yeah that’s fine” Fine? I mean it’s not bad but fine? I worked hard on that. I would at least like a wow that looks great good job. Later that evening we are driving in the car and he sees a motorcycle, one which he thinks looks so cool and speeds up just so he can look at it some more. He goes on and on about how cool it is, to which I ask where that response was earlier and he says. Make a motorcycle and you could have that response.
I thought about it…

Then I thought about this sweet little boy who complements me each and everytime I make something for his sister with a “oh wow mamma! That is so cute! You did so good!” and I thought, he deserves a motorcycle…

So I looked online…

I saw this beauty. A Ferrari… I think it is sweet and I am not really into bikes.

Well after a lot of thinking and sketching I came up with this. A plush motorcycle for my little man. The big man was impressed and he said nice things about it. The little man can’t get enough of it and “drives” it all over the house. We all lived happily ever after.

Want to make one for yourself?
Let me tell you it is really easy. I am breaking it down over oh maybe 4 parts to make it super simple.
Let me also preface by saying I am not experienced in making a motorcycle (real or plush) I named the parts myself and it is my own method of assembly I changed a few things along the way to make it easier for you but please change anything that would make it easier for you. I promise, you CAN do this (if you want to that is)

Here is what I used:
  • 2 Yards of shiny red pleather (found in the costume department on clearance)
  • 1/2 yard black faux leather (also found in the costume department)
  • Scraps of batting
  • filling (I used an old body pillow and side pillow since I already had them)
  • Silver crinkle fabric (a remnant)
  • Gray felt craft sheet
  • yellow felt craft sheet
  • needle and thread
  • marker
  • sewing machine

So first I sketched out all the shapes I would make (you don’t have to sketch them out first I did mainly to show you)

Hopefully you can see in the picture the basic shapes and parts. I would label them as well it makes it way easier, also label them front and back. Now let me explain how to make those shapes come to life…

First I laid out the two yards of red shiny pleather (still with the fold) and at one end of it I drew out my basic bike shape (the side panel) It doesn’t matter really how big you make this just keep in mind not to use up all the fabric I think my drawing spanned a little over half the fabric. To get the “wheel place” I traced a large serving plate. Trace whatever you would like as long as it is round. Then cut out your shape (you should have two) Careful when you are cutting it out you will save those circles as your wheels. (two for one awesome)

Next measure where you cut along what I labeled side B it helps to stand the measuring tape up like I did. Use this measurement to know how long the top piece should be. Then you can unfold the pleather since you only need one cut of the rest of the pieces. Measure out the length and mark how long the top piece will be then for width I made mine 11 inches wide (this is the width of the bike) I wanted it narrow enough that the boy could ride it but wide enough that it would stand up. Make yours as wide as you want then measure along side B how wide the seat area is and then you know how long and wide your seat area needs to be then you taper both ends and you should have drawn out a shape similar to the one sketched.

So to have what is pictured above you should have cut out 2 side panels and 1 top piece then you need the three bottom pieces. One is a rectangle that is the width of Line D from your side panel and the height is the same as your top piece so for me 11 inches. Then for the two triangles labeled front and back you are going to measure Line C for the length of the front piece and measure Line A for the length of the back piece. Then each triangle should have a base measurement that matches the height of the bottom piece (11 inches) and tapper at the other end. (got that) Make sure you label all your pieces! Since there are 2 side panels I labeled one with line A, B, C, and D and the other with AA, BB and so on…

For the other pieces you need cut out it is easier for me to show you what they are for. So for the seat outline I cut a rounded rectangle and then hollowed it out so I was left with the outline. The first thing you do is sew this to the top piece in about the middle.

Then with the lima bean shaped piece that is the vent and the 10 strips you cut out it should look like the picture above. Sew the strips to the piece as shown above (yes there are 6 pictured I decided that 5 were fine if you want more have at it)

Then an inch or more in from side C sew the vents in place one on each side panel (both in front)

For the wheel flaps I sewed some scraps of batting I had to them and then right sides together

So when you turn it right side out you have a flap like the one pictured above.

Ok you are ready to sew the pieces together
Sew all right sides together.
You will sew line F to Line B
Line E to the Line BB (remember there are 2 side panels)
Line P to line I

This was a change I made. I found it was best to sew the wheel flaps into the seams instead of sewing them on later. so about 4 inches up from the bottom on line A and AA pin the wheel flaps so they get sewn in place. You will see how you put them in to the inside. Then the second set gets put in mid curve on line C and CC then proceed to sewing
Sew Line K to A continuing on to sew H to D
Sew Line M to AA and continue to sew G to DD (if you labeled then the other way then you may have to flip that)
Sew Line O to C
Lastly Sew line N to CC

Then clip all around the edges (yes this takes a little while) clipping your curves helps it to lay right. Then turn it right side out and you should have the shell.

With an opening to stuff…

GO ahead and stuff it now make sure you start with the curves or claws as I like to call them.

After you stuffed the whole thing.

Sew it closed! There you have the body done!
Tomorrow we move on to wheels!
Any questions?