Thanks giving is my favorite holiday! I love good food and spending time with my family! So I am taking a little (and I do mean little) Holiday break. I just wanted to take part in my thanksgiving day tradition and mention the things I am grateful for. Being that this is my craft blog I thought I would share how thankful I am to be able to stay home with my kiddos and have the ability to craft and create, with them and for them. Starting a blog was the best thing I ever did. It makes me feel like I have to craft, or sew, or create something. There were so many months that would go buy where I wouldn’t make anything or do anything and the blog was the perfect motivation I needed. I honestly did not know that the craft blogging world even existed, about 9 months ago I stumbled upon Make it and Love it when my sister in law asked me if I could make her these curtains. I loved them! I totally made them for her and then I stayed and checked out every idea on the site. I was in awe. I started sewing a lot more and then well I started this blog with my sister. Then I found millions and millions of talented ladies out there and it has been the most fun and rewarding experience ever. I feel so lucky to even be a part of this community of crafters. I have met (through email) several crafty ladies. (even more since the launch of project toddler runway) It is so much fun to “meet” these new people and get so inspired by everyone’s creativity. So for this year I am very thankful for all of you taking the time to read this blog, and for those of you who say such nice things. And of course for my shwin counterpart. (you’re the best!) You may have noticed she hasn’t posted much lately but she has been super swamped getting ready for a cross country move (yikes for her) We will surely see more of her creative genius coming up. Anyway, I am done with my moment, thanks again for all of you! Oh and if you want to leave a comment about something you are thankful for this year it would just warm my hear to read it! (it’s the best part of the season you know) 
Have a Happy and Warm Thanksgiving!
Shwin W