Today I suffer from failed project syndrome (I swear it is a real condition) I tried my hand at a project and it totally bombed. It happens. So instead I thought I would take the opportunity to share my kitchen curtain. This curtain kind of happened by accident but people who come over are constantly asking me about it. It could not be easier to make so I will share it with you. (although I made this before I was blogging my crafts so I don’t have step by step pictures it was so easy there is really no need)

My kitchen suffers from 2 problems. 1 it is small but there are a lot of cupboards crammed into the small space (which is fine by me really) However the kitchen window has the worst possible placement. You see on the right side there is a heat duct so the ceiling cuts in lower and further over. Then on the left the cupboard door can’t open if there is a curtain rod there which is fine since the heat duct is in the way anyway. So we did just have blinds in the window, and those are fine but I wanted a punch of color. 

That’s when I found this wire curtain hanger at Ikea for like 6 bucks no less. I was sold. It fit within the windowsill so I could put up a curtain without fighting the duct of the cupboard door. So then I measured my window across and I new I wanted a straight rectangle to still give that clean streamlined look I like. So I made a rectangle that was the width of the window and the double the length I wanted (so I could fold it over) I turned over the two outside edges then folded the rectangle in half. I sewed along the top half and then I was done. ( I told you way to easy) 
since the fabric was just a solid color I added a little detail to the curtain. I cut a simple branch shape out of black felt. Then I cut some circles out of white felt.  

Then I put the curtain wire just inside the window frame (in front of the blinds which I did move back a little to make room) Then using the little metal clips that came with the wire set I hung the panel. Super easy and yet I love the outcome. And on days when other projects failed it is nice to see a simple accidently project that turned out so well)