Are you going crazy this week? Ha ha we are! (ok not literally) Shwin R is working like crazy as this is her busy season, and Me? oh I have 15 things left on my to make for Christmas list, yeah it’s 5 days away… I wanted to share more of the things I am making but so many of the recipients are readers of this blog and I am all about Christmas surprises so I will share some of them after Christmas (don’t worry they are not holiday specific) So instead I thought I would bring you some great little crafts to keep the kids busy and focused on the reason for the season this week, you know while the rest of us go crazy 🙂 
The first one is super simple and easy. I have scouts at my house once a week and last week we decided to make Christmas crafts. When I saw THESE over at I am momma hear me roar. I knew they would be simple enough for a group of 10 year olds, and my 3 year old who thinks he is 10 ha. The one’s above were actually painted by my 3 year old himself so yes the green is patchy but he did pretty good…

I found the wooden frames at the craft store for 80 cents and then we added some pictures of Christ and some ribbon all with a few dabs of hot glue. Then they can hang on the tree, or the door knob of the kids rooms, or next to their bed to remind them of the reason for the season. Simple. 

The next craft is this super easy manger, for baby Jesus. 
To start take two popsicle sticks and with some hot glue glue 5 sticks across the two sticks like the picture above. (elmers glue also works if you have kids old enough to do that themselves) Make 2 of them

Then use a regular eraser.

And a strip of fabric with the top and bottom folded.

Lay the eraser like so down on the fabric

Then tuck both ends under the cloth

Then as you would swaddle a baby fold the corner down

and wrap it over

Wrap the other end around and secure with a safety pin

Draw on a little face, and you have a little baby Jesus.

Place your two cradle pieces together face to face and wrap a rubber band around the sticks. 

Then slide one to the side and cross the sticks.

cut up some rafia for straw and you have a little manger for the kids to play with.
There is a story that goes with this little craft that my other scout leader brought over but it is really long, the short version is that kids were fighting before Christmas so a mom made them each make this manger and then every time they did a good deed they got one piece of straw to put in the manger. The idea is to make the cradle as comfortable as possible for the baby Jesus come Christmas. My kids don’t get the concept very well so we just talk about the Christmas story and other stories about Christ and let them play with the manger. Either way it brings in the Christmas spirit which is nice especially when things can get crazy right before the big day.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!
From the Shwins to you!

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