Oh Hello friends… did you miss me? Life is kind of funny that way. I have just been super busy on lots of fun projects that I forget to stop and share them. Not only that but summer is here! We live outside, seriously, from spending the mornings at the pool and the afternoons at the park, and the evenings in the backyard. Little Penny, who is growing like a weed these days doesn’t have much of a summer wardrobe so when I am sewing I am usually whipping up something for her.

So I made a quick and easy summer dress. Perfect for everyday wear. I have made a few different variations of the dress which I will share over the next little while and a free PDF pattern for you! The size is roughly 3-6m I would say or up to an 18″ chest, but if you need it a little bigger simply make the bodice and skirt a little wider and the skirt a little longer and you should be good. (it’s a pretty basic pattern)

To get started you can download the pattern pieces here:
Summer Breeze Dress Pattern
You will also need:
about 1/2 yard of fabric a little more if your print goes one way like mine, (I had to piece the back together)
1/4 yard for lining
2-3 buttons
A onesie (optional I used it for this version)

cut out the pieces should look like so.

I used a onsie for this style, because I hate when little baby bellies are exposed, the dress can easily be made without a onsie. If you are using a onsie pick a current size or one size up even, and then cut it off under the arms, if your baby is tall cut it up higher and you will have a little added length.

Then to get started sew the front and back bodice pieces together at the sides.

Do the same for the lining. Be sure that when right sides are together they match up.

Then for the straps (which can easily be made longer if you want a little more growing room) Sew two right sides together up along the sides. Then turn it right side out and press.

Then using the marking on the pattern place the straps between the outer and lining of the back piece. You want the raw edges to match up at the top. Pin in place.

Now you will sew following the black dotted lines. or basically all the side and top edges except along the top front. Clip the corners and the curves.

Now pull the strap down from the back piece.

You are going to put the strap in place along the top front. Again matching up the raw edges. You can pin in place and turn it right side out to check that you didn’t twist the strap, but you would notice if you twisted it. Then sew along the top front edge, and clip the corners.

Now when you turn it right side out you have a nicely finished bodice.

Line up the back pieces so they over lap and match the width of the front. You can place the buttons and button holes now if you like.

Now for the skirt pieces place them right sides together and sew up the sides. Then turn it right side out and gather along the top edge. (not a very tight gather)

Now slide the onsie into the skirt and match up the side seams. You may have to stretch the onsie a little to fit which is totally fine.

Now so right sides are together sew the bodice to the skirt and onesie. (serge, or zig zag stitch, or finish edge with bias tape)

Press the seam up and top stitch.

Hem the bottom of the skirt by turning the bottom edge up twice and sewing in place. Now you have a little dress with a onsie.

Perfect for lounging out on a warm summer evening.

With the onsie there is no need for a diaper cover or anything and little baby bellies are nice and covered.

So there you have it a quick and easy baby dress perfect for summer.
I have a few fun variations coming up!
This one was made with a fun ice cream print by Lisette found at Joann Fabric and Crafts