A week or so ago Dana at made posted THIS, and I feel in love! Then over at sweetpea and pumpkins, she made THIS, and I decided I HAD to make that. The soft and cozy blanket you can wear around your neck to keep you warm all winter?? Sign me up! So I made one with about 5 more on my list to make for Christmas gifts. Both Ladies gave great tutorials, so I will just give a quick recap.
I used 4 fat quarters that I cut in thirds (the long way) and then sewed the three pieces together to make one long strip. Then lay the 4 layers on top of each other. (the two outer layers should face out)

Then pin it in place all over to hold it together.

Then starting in the middle start sewing diagonal lines 1/2 inch spaced.

Then cut down the middle of each seam, only cutting through 3 of the 4 layers.

Then you can put binding on around the edge, or I just turned the edge under. Wash Dry and you are done. They are tedious, but it didn’t take long at all.
Thanks ladies for the great ideas!