We have a lovely reader, Stephanie from Luxe Boulevard. She shared a cool heirloom wall hanging with us and we thought we would share it with you. We love it when someone takes something old and gives it new life. Stephanie is all about using vintage items and putting them to new use. She has a lovely blog where she shares ways to have style without breaking the bank. She is a mother of three kids and she keeps herself plenty busy as a stay at home mom. Not only does she run her fab blog, but she has an etsy shop where she sells so glamourous accessories…

Like this great necklace. I just love the colors!

And this great headband. It is holiday bling!

If that is not enough to keep her busy,

She is also an author! Yeah she writes books! Amazing!

If you are wondering if there is anything she can’t do then you should go over and check out her out and say hi!