It’s the beginning of December, and the tree is up. I pulled my tree skirt out of the box put it around the tree and well it was sad. You see my tree was naked for many years because I never wanted to pay for the tree skirts I liked, and the holidays are so busy I never had time to make one. Last year I decided I had to make one. It was my first attempt and instead of looking for instructions I did my best guess. I used a silk like material and the whole skirt was flimsy and light and I could not wait for it to be covered in presents so no one had to look at it. This year I decided to improve the tree skirt, since I had a better idea of what I wanted, and how I should make it. If you are faced with the same problem, you can make one too, it’s really easy.
First I searched high and low for a tree skirt I liked. This was tricky, I guess I am picky. I did find this tree skirt at pottery barn, and I fell in love with the soft fuzzy edges and the quilted fabric. I did not like the 120 dollar price tag. 

I was at the fabric store and found this quilted fabric and then I found this animal print on one side fuzzy sherpa fleece on the other and it was perfect, only problem in the fleece came in creamy off white or black, so I went with the creamy color and red quilted fabric instead of white. Then start by folding the fabric and making two squares.(so one side of the square is a fold) Mine were 22 inches by 22 inches (folded)
I bought 1 1/4 yards for the skirt(but I only ended up needing 1 yard) and 1/2 yard for the trim
Also just a few notes when selecting fabric, you can choose anything you want but if history has taught me anything fabric with a little weight to it will provide the best results, not only will it lay better but to me it is the difference between a cheap skirt and a more expensive skirt but when you make it yourself it can still be cheap. 

Then I made a pattern for my skirt, I did this with freezer paper, which wasn’t quite wide enough so I taped (err used my kids stickers since I could not find my tape) two pieces together to make it as wide as my squares.

Then in the corner I made a small arc, this will be the opening that goes around the “trunk” of the tree. 

Then I measured 21 inches (you can go longer or shorter depending on the length of the tree skirt you desire) out from that arc at different points making dots along the way.

then I connected the dots and I had my second arc. 

Then I cut out two of the pieces on the fold. (you end up with two semi circles)

Then for the trim, the fur was kind of pricey so I only bought a half a yard, it made it so I had to cut 4 pieces and sew them together since I couldn’t cut them on a fold, it works fine that way. Just take your same pattern and cut out around the outside edge then cutting 3 inches (more or less as you please) from that outside edge you make another curve on the inside and you have your trim that will fit perfectly on your circle.

Now for the sewing (excuse the crazy cheetah print that won’t be seen ha ha) Sew your two semi circles along one edge and connect your trim pieces together as well both should make a circle with an opening. Then sew right side of the trim to the wrong side of the skirt, sew only along the outside edge.

Then turn the trim to the front side and sew in place. 

Then turn over the remaining raw edges of the semi circle. and, I sewed some bias tape around the inner circle and left extra at both ends so it would tie in place. 

Lastly to add any other details, I cut some words and pictures out of felt. To do this neatly I copied a picture and words off the computer, I traced it on freezer paper (on the dull side) then I ironed on the freezer paper to felt. Using the paper helps you to get a really clean cut which is helpful when you are using small letters. 

Then I sewed the pieces on to the skirt. I used the machine and sewed by hand. 

That’s it then you are done with you new tree skirt.
It took me about 2 hours (mainly due to the hand stitching) and cost me $14. Way better than $120.

Then put it under your tree and enjoy the season!