To start off the new year we made some goals in the family. One of mine happened to be to sew more for my son, and one of my husbands happened to be to clean out his closet and get rid of clothing he doesn’t wear. This would be where the two come together. Jude loves the book There is a Monster at the end of this book. (which happened to be a favorite of mine as a child as well) Because of this he is really into Monsters and it seemed just right for the sweater. So dig through some clothing, and let’s make something for a boy.
We started with this yellow and grey striped sweater. Jude loved it so much I asked him if he should just wear it as is… he laughed and said no mom it’s too loose… I was afraid to move forward due to what happened last time he thought something was too loose…(read the story at the end HERE) Still I thought I would try and make him happy.

To start I made a basic raglan sleeve shirt pattern. Like I did with the pocket full of posies shirt, but no ruffle this time. You start by lining the sleeve up along the straight edge of the paper, (again I like using freezer paper, but butcher paper or any other paper on a long roll will work great) See how the sleeve is along the edge all the way to the collar. 

Then fold the shirt over so there is an angle from the armpit to the neck line.

then trace the neckline and down the angle, when you get to the armpit you will have fold the flap of the shirt over so you can trace down the arm. 

Then for the bodice piece. fold your shirt in half as shown above, sleeves together.
(by the way the drawing you see is what the sleeve pattern looks like drawn out)

Then with the shirt still folded take both sleeves and fold them down on the shirt, so there is a slanted angle from the collar to the arm pit.

Line the fold up to the edge, and trace the collar and angle down to the armpit. make sure the shirt is laying flat and then trace the armpit and down the side of the shirt.
Cut 2 each of the sleeve and bodice both on fold. 

Then I cut two rectangle strips that are the length of the angle between the collar and the armpit I made them about 1.5 inches thick. ( you will see why later)

A few other notes, I cut the bodice to include the bottom of the sweater so I wouldn’t have to hem the bottom of the sweater, and I cut the ribbing of the neck to add to my sweater. 

Start by sewing right sides together the sleeve to the bodice along the angle.
You will sew the sleeves to both sides of the back piece, but then only one side of the front bodice piece. 

With the other side of the bodice piece and sleeve piece instead of sewing them together, fold the rectangle in half and sew one to each side. 

Then over lap the two flaps and topstitch them together about half way up. You are creating a flap in the sleeve seam to allow for a roomy head opening.
Then with right sides together sew the shirt starting at the end of one sleeve to the armpit and down the side of the shirt, and then the same to the other side. 

Lastly I sewed the ribbing from the old sweater around the neckline starting and stopping at the opening.

Now the shirt is basically done. It’s just all about the details…

I added snaps on the inside of the neck flap. I made them so you can’t see them (sorry no actual picture of them) You could do buttons if you wanted. 

I added some embroidery floss and did some rough stitching along the shoulder seams, I liked that it made it look “rough” or patched together, but also it makes sense of the lines that don’t match… why don’t they match? Well when you are working with an old shirt you can’t always line things up the way you want and have enough fabric space to do so, but I don’t mind so much.

Lastly the monster, I did a search on the internet with Jude and we found a monster we both liked (it took a while but he feels like he picked it out) I sketched it out and cut it out of some felt. 

Using embroidery floss again I stitched around the monster and added a button for the eye.

Then it was done! Easy and fast (well ok the hand stitched monster took a little time but worth it) Jude loved it and promptly began acting like a goof and fighting monsters… Gotta love boys! Hopefully we have a year with more sewing for boys goodness!

(by the way if you only have girls switching up the colors could work for them perfectly as well)