sewing for boys

The Monster Sweater

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  1. Leigh the sewing diva

    That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Haven't got the confidence to make the jumper myself but may try the appliqué with felt but for sammy it will be a train.

  2. casserole

    I love it!!! I linked to your tutorial at Craft Gossip Sewing:<br /><br /><br />–Anne

  3. Alicia

    love this idea! i&#39;m always looking for ideas to sew more for my boys.

  4. Jayna Rae

    Amazing, and even though you gave directions, I am not quite sure I am up to the challenge.

  5. Tiffany

    so sweet, i think my lil girl will even like this. her monster will probably have to be pink! saw you at craft gossip (i think)

  6. brickstory

    This is so cute! My husband and all of his cousin&#39;s loved this book when they were young – so it has made a reappearance for the new generation in the family 🙂

  7. Amanda

    Love it!! I featured you today on Today&#39;s Top 20!<br /><br />Amanda<br />

  8. Cammie@Flutterbys and Frogs

    I love this and will have to get one pulled together for my lil fella soon! Thanks so much! 🙂 I put a link back to this on my blog at<br />~blessings<br />Cammie

  9. aggie

    So fun to see more things for the boys!<br />Thanks for the tut.

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