Wow! What a close week that was! The voting was really close, and all of the projects were amazing! There was a winner! with:
Bree @ Extraordinary Bree
and the adorable Letterman Jacket
 Sadly we have to say goodbye to someone and this week it was:
[email protected] Naptime Crafters
with her super cute spin on a newsboy suit.

Ready for another week? This week’s challenge is one I am truly looking the most forward to. The Denim Challenge! Some of you may recall the levi challenge from Project Runway. They had to create a look using old levi’s. Maybe it is since we are huge up-cyle fans, or maybe it is because we love denim but we loved that challenge! For this challenge the contestants were asked to make anything thing they want using any kind of denim. Denim is not limited to gender, or age, or style, or color, so we are so excited (like sitting on the edge of our seats excited!) to see what the ladies dream up for us this week.
Good Luck ladies!

As you may recall from the last post link parties are out… but the suggestion of a flickr group was mentioned and we think that would be a great idea so feel free to play along and hopefully by the end of the week we will have a flickr group up and running for you to show off your stuff.