Remember the post for making your own fabric prints making stripes?
Well today I will show you how easy it is to make your own picture or design as well. 
I grabbed the same white sweatshirt material, and using masking tape again (although I am sure freezer paper stencils would work as well) I masked off some numbers this time on the side of the pant leg. I choose my son’s birthday, he wanted pirate pants and I thought his birthday would mark his arrival into the code of pirates. 
On the other leg I masked off a really basic (and terrible) skull which my son requested. 
Then once again using Elmers WASHABLE glue, I painted the glue on the design.
Then I threw it in a dye bath for only 4 min. again this time since again it reached he color I wanted. Washed it and made the sweat pants, just as I did in this post.
Nice clean lines, without the hard scratchy feel that fabric paint can sometimes leave behind.
And Jude the Pirate Dude had some new sweatpants to run around and play in.
Which is good since he has some stick fights in his future.

Now go make some fun prints!