Sometimes I feel like no matter how computer savvy I feel I am I am always stumped by the little things. I admit I am not a huge Facebook fan,(although it does keep my family connected) and don’t get me started on twitter… I don’t get it, and every time I even read a “tweet” I get confused… Which now I sound like I am in my 80’s and not well… 20’s (for now 🙂 ah, I digress… We decided to start a Facebook page and, a twitter account for all of you who prefer to follow along with our little crafting adventures. The little icons there at the top of the screen should help you easily connect to Facebook, twitter, feeder, or our Flikr group. 
Bare with us as we still figure it all out, but we sure hope you will join along with us. 
Also keep uploading pictures to our Flickr group, we LOVE seeing what you guys have created and the pictures have been great keep them coming!
Tomorrow we are starting a little skirt series in honor of spring!