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Sewing 101: Flat Collars

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  1. projectdowhatyoulove

    Great tutorial, I&#39;m a new seamstress so tutorials are great for me! Very helpful!<br /><br />Natalie<br />

  2. Domestic Debbie

    I can&#39;t wait to try this out!

  3. Lily Can Sew

    thank you so so so so much. I&#39;m so new to sewing and this will really help. Next dress for my daughter will have a collar. yay !!!

  4. Patricia Silva

    Please, put google translate in your blog!

  5. Sampagita

    Thanks so much. I have read and read tutorials after tutorials , yours is the best

  6. Nini Artes

    Maravilhoso tutorial.<br />Parabéns!<br />Nice Andrade – Brasil

  7. iliana amable

    Esta muy bien explicado el tutorial,muchas gracias!

  8. Emilia;m=1 you have been &quot;featured&quot; along with many other blogs. this particular blogger must be a perfectionista, because it seems she is actually making fun of you. MALARKY!! you are awesome!! lasewist can SUCK IT!!

    1. sali

      Est ce que vous pouvez me le traduire en francais

  9. Ruby

    Bless you! I was asked to make a costume and could not find a pattern with a round collar. I’ve never made a collar ever. Thank you for this tutorial. I will browse through the rest as I’m sure they are going to be just as useful.

  10. Wendy P. Schoen

    Great tutorial! I would like to add something to your post. When drafting the collar, the back edge of the collar should match up with the centers back of the edge of the garment. That way, when the buttons are attached, the placket overlaps and the collar edges meet. Unless, of course if you’re putting in a zipper. I use this method all the time and it was very encouraging to see your way is the same as I devised. Thanks!

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