Ok these flowers are everywhere. So before we start let me just say that I did not “make them up” I have just seen them for sale, but I am cheap so I make my own. When I saw the pretty Ranunculus flowers at the craft store I knew it was time to make some with them. So incase you have never made some and wanted to know how I will show you how I made them. I even added my new love (if you remember when I confessed my love a while back) They add a cute little pop in the middle but you could use a regular button or jewel, or anything you can hot glue in the middle really.

 So here are the ranunculus I found in the floral section of the craft store. Pretty and vibrant orange. I also picked up red and regret not getting the plum purple. (I guess I have to go back)

 First you will want to pop the flower off the stem. Then remove the little green piece.

 Then you will pull the petals off the stem I pull a whole group of them all at once, just stop when you get to the little plastic pieces that wrap around the center.

 Then just peel off layer by layer until you have the petals you want to use. Discard all the plastic pieces.

 Then to make the the fabric covered button grab your button making kit. (can be found at any craft store by the snaps)
1. cut your circle according to the package.
2. put the fabric face down in the mold. then put the dome piece down into the mold. press the fabric into the center of the mold.
3. press the button piece down on top.

 Then pop your button down in the middle of the flower. I hot glue them all in place. Then you can glue the flower onto a hair clip, or a broach clip to make a cute broach. The perfect gift for the friends on your list.

Especially when it is easy to make a bunch of them. I am making a hair clip for each of the girls in my achievement day class (it’s a group in my church that is basically boy scouts for the girls and I think they will all be thrilled to have a cute hair piece.)