It’s that time of year… for me anyway, all the major presents are bought and either on their way here or wrapped and under the tree. This may surprise you but I don’t make many gifts. Every year I tend to make at least one home made gift for someone, but the holidays get a little too crazy and busy if I start making something for everyone on my list. I do however like to make a few stocking stuffers for my kids. Stocking gifts are from Santa, and Santa has a workshop and little elves that make things so I love making, or buying homemade, so when my kids see the gifts they think of the little elves that made them. So I have some ideas to share with you after the tutorial, since I thought I would share the super easy and quick little doll clothes I whipped up for Abbey’s stocking. (Jude’s stocking stuffers will likely be shared after Christmas due to time, but they are pretty awesome) 

 Abbey is getting a little dolly wardrobe this year. She is really into dolls and it’s fun to see her play with them and dress them up.

 I grabbed these two dolls from her stash they are just a simple baby doll but you could follow this to make doll clothes for any baby.

 You will just need a stash of scraps. This is why I never throw away scraps from something I make, since now Abbey can have clothes for her babies that match her clothes. (she likes that)

 To make a little pattern lay the baby flat on some paper. Then trace the arm and body. Remember that you will need to add seam allowance. Also I recommend making the pattern a little fatter than the baby all around so it is easy for little ones to get on and off.

 Then for a little design I cut the pattern across the top. (add an extra seam allowance) Then I cut out a top and bottom piece. I did one for the front and one for the back I cut the back down the middle to have two pieces. I also made the skirt piece wider than I needed it so I could add some little pleats.

 Then sew the top and bottom pieces together. You can’t see really well but I added little pleats to the skirt piece.

Then you should have the front and back pieces done.

 Sew the front and back together along the black lines in the picture.

 Then hem the bottom. I also made some super tiny bias tape (you could use pre-made stuff) and I sewed it around the neckline and back edge.

 Lastly I attached some little velcro dots to the back to fasten it. Super easy for a little girl to use.

 Then done. Now her little baby has a cute little dress that matches her Mixed Print Top.

 For another variation I made a few layers out of folded strips. Each one gets longer.

 Then I made the top part the same way I did the first one. So I had a tiny little cropped top.

 Then I sewed the slightly ruffled layers to the top. I finished it the same way with a little bias tape around the neck and back sides then I added velcro.

Dolly number 2 has a cute little top. (she just needs some pants) Hopefully Abbey will be so excited Christmas morning to find a whole slew of clothing for her little dolls in her stocking.

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