Welcome to this week’s instagram Friday.
Sharing little tidbits from real life, although It seams as if sewing is all I do in real life, that’s only partly true 🙂

 Do you bribe your kids? I have never been above bribery but this sweet little girl (who is easy to bribe with M&M’s) sometimes likes to sit and savor her treats.

 These two have been best friends lately. It makes me happy, it seems like it took forever and they still have times where they fight but for the most part they are the best of friends. (reading a book together)

 We woke up to our first snow fall! Yep first snow in January it’s crazy pants! It was gone by noon and we are back to a dry warm snow-less winter…It was fun while it lasted

 We started potty training Abbey this week. It has to be the most time consuming thing a parent can do. It’s been a week and we haven’t really gotten anywhere. Jude was a little over 3 before he got it and we started at 18 months working with him on the idea, so maybe Abbey will be 3 too? She just isn’t too key on the idea, although she will sit on the potty and read, play with the i-pad or eat cheese nips all day long if I let her, which I have for a few days.

 I have been working way late into the evening to get the newest patterns all ready. It will be great to have them done, I may be getting delirious…

 We had fun adult time, cards is a favorite past time.

 Abbey and her kitty love

 Rocky thinks that she can “help” me with my sewing projects.

 Do you put needles in your mouth as you sew? If I am sewing I have a needle in my mouth… (or 10) Jude woke up from his nap the other day, and when he saw my mouth full of pins he said “wow momma you have sharp teeth!”

Well when he has a mouth full of Cheetos he has “sharp teeth” too.

So how was your week?