Instagram Friday

  1. Georgine

    Have you read Potty Free Before Three? I trained my second daughte at a year using this book. Seriously dumped thE diapers a day or two after her first birthday. And yes, m&ms are a great bribe. And Iove your button header and you little cute cat and the cheetos photo! Classic.

  2. becky

    I'm an avid pin the mouth sewer. My 2 1/2 saw me with pins in my mouth the other day and yelled at me for being naughty and that pins don't go in our mouths. I guess that means we can say we're successful in teaching her not to play with pins.

  3. enJOY Life!

    Cute pics that really capture the moment. I didn't think I put pins in my mouth until I found out a cousin-in-law had to take a trip to the hospital because she accidentally swallowed 1 of 2 pins she was holding in her mouth. After that, I noticed, by habit, I DO hold pins in my mouth! Be careful, don't sneeze!

  4. DolceDreams

    I just love your pictures! That vintage look is to die for…as is that little dress! Enjoy your weekend!<br />Nathalie

  5. Jennifer

    Love these pictures. I used the techniques from Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day by Teri Crane and it worked fabulously!! Good luck. And I totally hold the pins in my mouth – don&#39;t know if I have ever put more than two though.

  6. Melissa

    What great photos! I love instagram pics 🙂 Good luck with the toilet training, I&#39;m not looking forward to starting again with my youngest lol, it took my son a long time too! And yes, my 4yr old also tells me off for putting pins in my mouth and I then have to say sorry lol.

  7. Lauren Dahl

    Haha, I stick pins into my lips and tongue all the time from holding them in my mouth. I&#39;m glad I&#39;m not the only one!

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