Fabric, buttons, and bows oh my…

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  1. nest full of eggs

    oh bummer, I&#39;m not on Facebook, but would love to be a pattern tester ~ love your stuff &amp; love your style :o)<br />lovely eye candy today ! can&#39;t wait to see what you sew out of the navy with white &amp; green flowers fabric, so nice that it&#39;s from JoAnns then I can go grab some 🙂

  2. A Couple of Craft Addicts

    So excited for sewing for the boys. I am always looking for new projects for my son.

  3. katie

    Im on fb 😉 would love to be a pattern tester…i need constant projects to sew {forever at my machine} glad to see some little boy patterns always on the look out for boy styles ;)<br /><br />Katie http://maceylou.blogspot.com

  4. nest full of eggs

    the fabric from JoAnns… the navy with white &amp; green flowers, would you please tell me more info about it? is it quilting cotton? if you could let me know what&#39;s written on the salvage I&#39;d greatly appreciate it :)<br />I found the perfect project for it &amp; really really want some of it now…<br />thanks in advance !

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