Are you ready for something fun??? Starting Monday (March 5th) we are going to have a boys sew along! If you don’t have a boy it’s ok we are making pants and they are pretty easily gender neutral. We will be making cargo style pants that roll up with button tabs. Perfect for Spring and summer. I don’t have the finished picture yet because it is my upcoming project. (like as soon as those sweet little heads hit the pillow) I found the fabric I want now I just need to pick out the buttons. But incase you want to pick out your fabric choices this weekend I thought I would give you a heads up for supplies.

 I am using a denim chambray. Lightweight and breathable. Any denim, cotton, twill (like a khaki) will be fine. I will be making a size 5 (with a little extra length) for my little guy so I bought a yard and 1/4 of the chambray. I wanted to be on the safe side since I would be making pockets and what not, but a yard may have done it. You will also need 5 buttons, some elastic (I use 3/8 inch non roll) and some lightweight cotton for lining. Not much maybe 1/4 a yard. I also got a little embroidery floss to add some details but we will go over all of that when the time comes. So get ready for pattern making on Monday! Or if the idea of pattern making scares you we will be altering a simple pants pattern like the Nowhere man pants pattern, so if you rather you can use that pattern as your starting off point and we will alter from there.

 In other happy news I finally found it! There was a print I was dreaming about in my sleep and I haven’t been able to find it. Then like it was meant to be I was wondering around Joann Fabrics (as I often do) when tucked away out of place was this beautiful, perfect fabric. The print the feel the lightweight airy texture, it was everything I wanted. I am beyond thrilled and can’t wait to use it!

 I also completed finding all the fabrics for my summer collection. Finally feeling super inspired!

One piece is done I am just working on the pattern. I am pretty thrilled with them! So if you are a facebook fan keep on eye out for pattern testers coming up, I won’t need very many and the spots go really fast, but the summer collection will hopefully be done in the next few weeks… (hopefully)