Welcome to Instagram Friday {on Saturday today this week was busy}
A little glimpse into life beyond sewing. 
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Now on with the post…

 With Spring here (I seriously love just typing that) we decided it was high time to get the winter grime washed off… Abbey was not a fan.

 We enjoyed a picnic outside (it was lovely) This little guy was drooling at the sight of the food hoping for a nibble. He plays Jedi mind tricks on you 🙂

 We are not campers, I would like to be a camper, I grew up a camper, we have a tent, so we should camp, either way the tent was borrowed and therefore needed to be aired out, the kids thought it was the greatest thing ever.

 I decided to try a head wrap scarf thing, I either didn’t do it right or it is just not my thing, by kids thought I was dressing as the easter bunny, my husband thought I was preparing to scrub the floor by hand (not a bad idea.. it could use it) I guess I tried and failed… Have you tried something that didn’t work out?

 Jude is taking on more “challenging” math. Nothing teaches it better than m&m’s

 Abbey caught the puzzle bug so we brought back puzzle night! Jude our puzzle master takes on the big ones (150-500 pieces for a night) Abbey whips through the 25-48 piece puzzles.

Last a little sneak peek at the latest project I am working on… it’s a work in progress but coming along nicely.

So how was your week?