Welcome to Instagram Friday!
A little glimpse of life beyond sewing and crafting…

 This week started out like any other week… Abbey and daddy making waffles. They do this nearly every weekend. While I am not a waffle eater myself I love that the two of them have that special time together. (Jude helps with the eating 🙂

 We had a zoo at our house over the weekend (and most of the week) we were dog sitting a great dane (her behind made it in the photo) and another american eskimo, so in total we had 4 dogs and a cat hanging out with us this weekend. It was crazy but the weather was great and the kids loved having the animals around so it was pretty fun.

 Abbey got a little cozy with her “long lost” favorite toy the sprinkler… she can’t wait for summer.

 Abbey potty trained herself over the weekend it was sweet. She just woke up and said she wanted underwear and no diapers, so I packed all the diapers away and we never looked back. She made it Saturday and Sunday accident free and things were looking pretty. She earned her reward (the potty dolly ironic isn’t it?) Then Monday she flat out refused to go potty and we had several accidents. It’s been a long week I should have known it was “too easy” to have her just do it herself. I think we are back on track now, no accidents but “going potty” is quite an ordeal… (oh and those darling leg warmers? there will be a post soon)

 The kids take turns pushing each other in the car, I always laugh a little when it is Abbey’s turn to push.

 My little “diva” (and you should know I hate the word diva) when it came time to pick up her brother from school she decided she couldn’t leave the house until SHE was ready, and she had to do it by herself. So she grabbed her shades slipped on her boots and was ready to go looking quite hip.

Lastly we are finishing out the week wonderfully. With a big bowl of fruit! I love fruit, seriously all of it. I saw this bowl of fruit at the store and I knew I wouldn’t even look at the overpriced tag I would just get it because it looked so good and I go through a serious fruit withdrawal every winter since it is hard to get good fruit here when it is not in season. This fruit? it was worth every penny. The kids thought so to but pennies don’t mean much to them 🙂

So how was your week?