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 This week was a great week, which I was actually dreading… Abbey turned 3! What? My baby is not a baby anymore it makes me sad. She is a true sweetheart and we are so lucky to have her in our family. We celebrated early since my husband was going out of town for the week (yep one more reason I was dreading the week but it went great)

 We enjoyed the sunshine by giving the cars a wash, this meant that the kids made sure their “cars” were in tip top shape as well.

 We survived grocery shopping it’s easy to do with a car grocery cart free balloons and suckers… how did my mom manage with 6 kids without this? (and yes I bought more than diet coke although it’s probably all I needed 🙂

 The mid 80’s and sunshine meant that we could spend a day in the sprinklers. Abbey was beyond thrilled! (her suit is from Target)

 We have had movie night every night, I love watching them cuddle together.

 We went on a play date, they insisted on going in costume. During the play date all four kids had several costume changes. It may be time to add to the dress up box.

 Abbey has been helping me with my work outs lately. Well both kids like the “flying ride” and I like the weight for the leg work out.

Which is good because the kids have been asking for “special” breakfasts while my husband has been gone. Why? I am not sure but something about daddy being gone means that fruity pebbles won’t do. We have been having toasted apple cinnamon bread with fresh berries and yogurt. It’s pretty tasty 🙂
Lucky for me my husband comes back today and we survived a week without him 🙂

So how was your week?