Welcome to instagram Friday!
A little glimpse of life beyond sewing. 
Are you still sewing for KCWC? Me too! And even though it looks like I have only been sewing for girls I have a few weeks of boy sewing coming up and I am super excited to share them! 

 We had a pretty busy week this week. It started with a party at my husbands office. They had a carnival of sorts with bounce houses, balloon animals, cotton candy and fun was had by all. Even our extremely Abbey bounced in the bounce house.

 We made our way to the park for some fun in the sun.

 Jude got to fly his kite.

 We installed a storm door, or well screen door so we get some cross breeze through the house. When the front of your house is 70% window it can get pretty toasty so a cross breeze has been fabulous and we had the door installed in just 3 hours so it wasn’t horrible.

 Abbey took up bird watching. She was checking out the starlings nest. (it is huge!)

 Jude improved his time racing in the backyard. ( FYI dad, he went from 30 seconds down to 16.8 seconds. He was proud)

 So Jude is a mouthy little 5 year old. I love him dearly he is a sweet boy with A LOT of energy and sass. His talking back and listening skills needed some serious help. So the two of us created the “good jar” He gets money (coins) added to the jar for listening the first time he is asked to do something and for not talking back. He looses money when he doesn’t listen, or if he gets mouthy. There are lines on the jar and when he gets to certain lines he gets rewards and then when it gets filled he gets a special date out. So far day one was great he was a new kid, then the “newness” wore off and day two was a struggle, but since then things have been good his behavior has improved a lot which has helped for happier days by all.

 To celebrate I got my own “good jars” 🙂 I did some major organizing in my craft room and my buttons were bursting out of the containers so they are now all pretty in jars according to color. They make me happy to see while sewing.

We had a fantastic date night getting out to see the last Jazz game of the season (totally NOT a fan) We did however get a skybox which means private restroom, fancy dinner, delicious cheesecake, and a comfortable room to walk around in.

 Plus I got to get out with this man (no kids) and it was great. I could maybe get into basketball if we did this more often…maybe…

So how was your week?