So last week I had the true pleasure of getting together with Jess (from CINO) She is super fantastic and we had a great time gabbing and shopping at a craft store. I was on the hunt for a flower to put on a belt idea that had been floating around in my head for awhile and I found it! Also while talking I told Jess how I have never made a circle skirt. I know it’s crazy. The closest I have ever come is when I made my tree skirt. Jess encouraged me to make one and honestly I don’t know why I never did one before it was super easy and I LOVE how flouncy they are. Only issue? Abbey is not a skirt and dress lover. So I decided to make hers the skirt portion on a top.

 It can be worn with or without the oversized flower belt and it is seriously just too cute. The only thing I may change is adding another layer since it turned out a touch shorter than I had hoped for.

 Even with the shortness the circle cut allows for full twirling fun, enough to make any little girl happy.
So shall we make one?

 So start by cutting your skirt pieces. I cut 2 layers the second one was about 2 inches longer than the first. You can follow Dana’s instructions on how to make a circle skirt here but I tend to eh hem… get lazy and just guess on the measurements. It is ok if the waist is too big because you will just gather it a bit.

 Next hem the bottom edge of both circle layers. Then set them aside.

 You will want a bodice front and back. I used a pattern that fit well as my guide and I had the bodice end just below the arm hole. Cut 2 for the front and 4 for the back (since there are 2 pieces)

 Then sew the front and back pieces together at the shoulders so you have two sets.

 Then with the bodice pieces right sides together sew along the neckline and shoulder curve. (follow the dotted lines)

 Clip your curves and then turn the bodice right side out. Match up the back and front so they are the same width and pin the back overlap in place. (so you know where the buttons will be placed)

 Now your bodice is complete.

 If needed gather the top of both the skirt pieces. (gather them together) Then with right sides together sew the bodice to the skirt. Overlap the under arms pieces just slightly.

 Now you have a top. (or dress if you made it longer)

 Add some buttons to the back and you are done.

 Now for the belt. Find a fake flower that you like and pop it off the stem. Then take out the middle part that is usually plastic. (remove any other plastic pieces since some have more than others) Tip I used a more expensive fake flower since I wanted it to hold up well and look nice, some of the cheaper ones look cheap or they fray like crazy. You will also need ribbon (enough to tie around the waist comfortably) a button and needle and thread.

 Simply sew the button down in the middle of the flower to sew it to the ribbon. As a note for an off center flower find the center of the ribbon and then measure 4 or 5 inches off to one side and sew the flower in place there. Then you are done. The flower can be any size you want but I was really going for something huge and overstated.

 That’s all there is to it!

 Tie the belt on and you are good to go.

 With a cute little tie in back. The belt can also be worn with any other outfits. Abbey actually wore it with the Hello Neutral Dress to church yesterday and it was super cute she got lots of compliments.

Either way enjoy your twirling fun! (and thanks Jess for the encouragement! Now off to put that jumbo button to good use 🙂