I thought it was time for another hair piece. There is nothing quite as gratifying as a quick and easy hair piece that can freshen up any outfit. Plus it’s great for the kids in your life or yourself! So grab some felt, beads and elastic and we will get started!

 I LOVE simple so I just made this a basic layered flower. Incase you have never made one before, its just circles cut from fabric (or felt) in different sizes. For the center flower I used 4 circles and for the outside flowers I used 3. You will also want to cut out a base to sew them on to. (hand sewing here so no worries if you are not handy with that machine 🙂

 Next beads. I used these super tiny little micro beads, which meant I needed my special super tiny beading needle. It’s the thickness of a piece of hair and it takes me an hour to thread Ha! Not really but I bet it took me a solid min, and some frustrating mumbles, but it’s worth it the needle is super easy to use and the beads fit on the needle. If you are using larger beads a regular needle would be fine.

 Then stack up your first flower with the three circles smallest to biggest. Sew the beads in a nice little cluster so that you are sewing through all the layers and attaching the flower to the base.

 Then do the same to the other side so you have two.

 Add the big one in the middle and if you pull nice and tight with the thread it will ind of pucker the layers a bit which makes it look a little more floral like. The make a loop that is head size out of elastic and sew the flowers to the elastic.

 Then you have a headband that is ready to wear. In my most favorite color combo, blue and yellow. 🙂

Abbey was pleased but she may be less pleased when she realizes it is not for her, I am taking this one 🙂 Now go make 20, it’s seriously that easy.