We are doing Instagram Friday on Saturday today since yesterday got away from me. 
First before we jump in we have a winner from the KK Children Designs giveaway!
Lucky number 33! Which is:
I just love them all, but I really love the bold colors of Bouquet De Fleurs Blue.
Congratulation AlwaysInspired look for an email later today!

Now on to the week…

 My husband brought me home the best little treasure known to man. His Grandpa was cleaning house and asked my husband if I would like this jar of buttons. Knowing he would have been killed if he turned it down 🙂 He took the jar and then made my day! A sweet little treasure of vintage (and not so vintage) buttons, the coolest part… they have been stored all these years in a jar, which had it’s original label on it still with the expiration date marked July 1952, it’s sweet.

 Another sweet treasure arrived. When we were kids Shwin and I had (well we still do) quite active imaginations. We made up “imagination games” all the time. Our favorite was a game we made to the song “late last night” we played that game for hours on end. Well my mom found it on CD and sent it to me for my kids, they love it and I love seeing them use their imagination.

 My husband didn’t think he had enough to do in a week that he thought he would get an old school lawn mower so that he is required to mow the front lawn 2-3 times a week instead of once. Ok, I am kidding, he did it because he is a little lawn obsessed, and it really does make a huge difference plus it is quiet, so I like it 🙂

 Abbey was as sweet as can be and asked me if we could go on a walk, she held my hand the whole time and sang me a song about her boots. I can not love that girl enough, I got very lucky with her. (and the orange and pink was her idea…)

We also decided to put up the trampoline… the kids love it, I fear it a little, it’s from when my husband was a kid so it doesn’t have all the “safety features” that newer ones have but the kids love it and they are pretty cautious kids so I guess it’s ok, they LOVE jumping “high in the sky” and chatting with the neighbors 🙂

So how was your week?