Welcome to Instagram Friday!
A little glimpse of life beyond the sewing and crafting. 

 The hubs has been in London all week for work. It made for an interesting week and because my body must have sensed that he was gone it figured why not give you a little scare with the baby. (oh yeah p.s. I am pregnant 🙂 I did somehow survive the first trimester (it was a rough one hence the lack in posting lately) The second is going off with a bang, bed rest. Lots of fun. Should be short though I was only ordered for a few days rest and then taking it easy. The baby is great though and we are both doing fine. Plus, I will never be too upset with the opportunity to see that cute little profile 🙂 So if you are waiting on an email from the past day or two, I am behind, but I will get to everything, and if you still don’t hear from me in about a week email me again it may have gotten overlooked (so sorry)

 We did get a pool this week, it was the best 30 bucks I ever spent to beat the heat and keep the kids happy for hours, they like that it is big enough to “swim” in.

 Abbey has made it her job to water the pear tree everyday. She wants them to “grow fast” which is funny because 1. no matter how much she waters they are “winter pears” which means a fall harvest, and 2. she doesn’t like pears, but maybe this year will be different?

 I gave Jude a haircut this week. He was about a month past due for one, and I am pretty sure he aged 5 years when he got one. It made me a little sad, but his head is much cooler for the hot hot weather. (like the black eye? Let’s just say there will be mo more monkey’s jumping on the bed)

 Abbey took the pool by storm…

 I spent some time sorting through the purple and pink jar in search for the perfect button… I am pretty sure that is the hardest part, and also that Abbey though they were all perfect since decidedly purple and pink are her favorite colors.

SO how was your week?