Whew! Ok this week was WAY busier than I thought it would be… With my best Shwin in town for a visit it was a jam packed week of sister time, and shopping, and kids playing with their aunt, and shopping, and chatting, and shopping and watching chick flicks while eating candy (like the good old days) and oh yes, there was shopping 🙂 We like to shop, and she is a much better shopping companion than my husband. So regular posts will be back next week, and Instagram Friday is a bit delayed. 

 This week started out Hot Hot Hot, so Jude learned about the simple joy in life, sprinkler under the trampoline equals a cool refreshing jump 🙂

 As soon as Shwin arrived at our house the kids had her giving into their every whim.

 We went out to a new and beautiful outdoor mall and Abbey was mesmerized by the water fountain show.

 The one and only picture we managed to take of the two of us. I so love my Shwin time!

And since we did in fact do a lot of shopping but we were too busy shopping to take pictures I found one picture of the amazing shoes I found at Target (love Target) I had to send a picture to my husband for an opinion, he didn’t have one, go figure, but I bought them anyway am loving them.

So how was your week?