Welcome to Instagram Friday!
A little peek into life beyond the sewing and crafting…

 Abbey loves fabric as much as I do these days, she wrapped herself up in all of the fabric I pulled out and as she hugged it she said “so pretty” It melts my heart a bit.

 Since sewing picked up a bit this week I got to use a little treasure my husband brought back from London. He always wonders what to get me when he travels, so I always send him to some fabulous local fabric shop to pick me up something great. This little applique was from the Cloth House in London, if you live around the area… GO! They have to shops one with the worlds largest linen supply (good linen) and one with the worlds largest Knit supply! Amazing! Since my husband has no concept of price when it comes to sewing supplies he usually brings me back something pretty great. (even if I do choke a bit over the 14 dollar button eep) More on this project next week 🙂

 The little baby bump decided to make an appearance this week thanks to my friend bias tape. I tied a little around my now much higher waist. In other news, I am back on bed rest for a bit. Lots of fun, apparently sewing is not as restful as I thought?? Who knew.

 Our Apricot tree is bursting with apricot goodness, which means its picking time and then Jam making, apricot drying, and new recipe trying time. Good thing my mom comes to town next week!

Jude has been working on sounding out words and writing messages all on his own. He is determined to read because there is a game on the ipad that he can’t quite play on his own until he can read and it is making him mad, it’s a funny reason but I am all about helping the boy learn so I gave him an assignment: Write a sentence about yourself. He wrote: Jude loves cars. Which is true, only seeing how he sounded it out and wrote it was really funny. It’s got to me my favorite part of the learning process.

So how was your week?