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A little glimpse into life beyond sewing and crafting…

 This week was an interesting week, I was still on “bed rest” (good thing my dr. doesn’t read the blog 🙂 Bed rest is boring. My husband returned from his trip (hooray) Then his company rented out the local water park for employees only… naturally I thought relaxing pool side would be a nice change of scenery and I promised to not lift anything heavy and rest when we got back… so we went… although being in a swimsuit and pregnant is not the best idea for your self conscious ha! The kids LOVED it, especially the wave pool.

 At home Jude had to “make do” with the small pool, but he does like running and jumping into it.

 We celebrated the 4th of July with sparklers and some fireworks in the driveway. Jude was cautious with the fire (thank you) Abbey was not so cautious… she may or may not have burned her finger (not too bad thankfully)

We finished off the week with a dentist check up. This was Jude’s first official cleaning and x-rays, but he was a champ, he got to watch Ben-10 and I think he loved it. Cavity free too, which is good, can you believe my husband and I are both still 0 cavity kids? We were unsure if this trait would pass on to our kids… but so far so good 🙂

So how was your week?