Peek-a-boo patterns Review and Giveaway!

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  1. Bonnie

    Your dress is adorable and I like it more than the one on the pattern! <br />Funny I just discovered this pattern shop on SewSet last night and fell in love with the Santa Monica Tankini Pattern, Oliver and Oliver Pea Coat and the Annie Petal Dress. Thanks!

  2. Jen@thecraftingfiend

    I would pick the bubble shorts, pier 49 convertible pants, and the madison dress

  3. BeeSewSweet

    Your dress is beautiful! I have a few Peekaboo Patterns and so far I&#39;ve made the Sadie nightgown and we love it. I&#39;d love a few more patterns. I&#39;d choose the Ivy Dress, Sporty Skort and Ryder Ruffle Cardigan. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. VickiT

    Which 3 I&#39;d choose is a tough decision. My list of her patterns is quite long. They&#39;re all so cute.<br /><br />I think though if I won that I&#39;d choose:<br />1 – Ruffle Bum Romper<br />2 – Retro Romper<br />3 – Waikiki One Piece Swim Suit<br /><br />I think that would be my choices although I may change my mind one of the rompers and get one of her adorable dresses instead.

  5. nest full of eggs

    The Madison, the Jackie, &amp; the Ella Party Dress please 🙂

  6. Jessica

    I really love the Madison dress pattern but now after seeing what you did with the Natalie dress, I think I want that one as well!!<br />Jess

  7. simplesew

    I would pick the bubble shorts, pier 49 convertible pants, and the madison dress.. I love the dress, my goodness.. I have 5 grandkids under 4. I am broke right now with 2 of my sons weddings coming up, but I think I will make this dress for my granddaughters, they are 1.5 yrs. on is tall and one is short.. these are gorgeous……

  8. Jen

    avery jacket<br />annabelle jacket<br />aviator cap<br /><br />jen<br />[email protected]

  9. Dora Moreland

    I tend to get a bit envious when I see adorable little girls dresses…I have boys. Still, it was great to see that PeekABoo Patterns has some really cute boy patterns too!<br /><br />My choices:<br />1. Olivia &amp; Oliver Pea Coat<br />2. Pier 49 Convertible Pants<br />3. Aviator Cap<br /><br />Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  10. robertkaye

    I would choose the: Waikiki One Piece, Anna Petal Dress, and the isabella =) It would be hard to really pick, but these are some of my wish list ones =) Thank you so much for the chance to win!<br /><br />Amanda Kaye Grant<br />robertkaye at charter dot net

  11. Jeni Aymami

    I would chose the Oliver Pea Coat, the Lazy Days Romper and the Aviator cap! So many adorable choices!

  12. Rachel Booth

    If I won, I&#39;d pick the following three patterns:<br /><br />1. Isabella Dress<br />2. Evelyn Swing Dress and Top<br />3. Annie Petal Dress

  13. Jessica

    They have some pretty adorable patterns. I really like the Isabella dress, the Evelyn Swing Dress and Top and the bubble shorts are pretty adorable. :)<br /><br />Justenoughstyle.blogspot.com

  14. Fancy That Notion

    I love the Natalie, the Madison, and the Ruffle Bum Romper:)<br />[email protected]<br />fancythatnotion.blogspot.com

  15. Kreatita T

    I love your version of the dress, it&#39;s super!<br /><br />I&#39;d like to enter the give-away too,<br />My fave&#39;s are:<br />The Lucy Dress<br />The Isabelle Dress<br />Summer PJ&#39;s<br /><br />kreatita(at)gmail(dot)com

  16. Jess

    Your dress is adorable! I like the Waikiki One Piece, the Harper Dress and the Ella Party Dress.

  17. Jo

    I&#39;d pick…<br />Avery Jacket<br />Oliver/Olivia pea coat<br />Chloe ruffle jacket

  18. April Voss

    I just made my first Peek-a-boo purchase last week with the Ruffled Butt Romper<br /><br />My other fave&#39;s are:<br />Peacoat<br />Summer Pj&#39;s<br />Petal Dress<br /><br />aprilnichole11{at}gmail{dot}com

  19. ohbygolly

    It&#39;s so hard to choose. I love Peek-a-boo patterns. Fingers crossed for the giveaway because my sewing machine is out, and I&#39;m &quot;go&quot; mode! The Jackie, The Sweetheart Halter, and The Madison are my faces.

  20. Jenni

    Your daughter&#39;s dress turned out simply stunning! I love the black and purple together. Just a question, did you find it difficult to attach the t-shirt to the skirt following the pattern instructions? I purchased this pattern awhile ago and used it to make a dress for my daughter. However, I couldn&#39;t figure out the right side/wrong side way the pattern writer was saying to put the skirt

  21. wilai

    Either Lucy or Annie petal dress, beach bum for boys and pier 49 for boys. Thanks

  22. Estelle

    Ooh, I&#39;d love to make the Sailor shorts, the Peacoat and the Natalie dress.

  23. Liza

    My three patterns would be the Jackie dress (so classic) the Retro Romper (yes I like my toddler to be a little old school) and the sailor shorts (just too cute not to love)!

  24. Jen

    Would love to make the lazy day romper and the jack and Jill shortfall for my little guy ans my daughter would love the sailor shorts!!!

  25. mjb

    I would love to try the Pier 49 pants, The Madison dress and The Waikiki swimsuit:) Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Little Ella Lu

    madison, jasmine, and burmuda shorts. Love her patterns, so easy and well put together!

  27. SaraJ

    I have loved the bubble shorts for ages! sarajspeight(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)nz

  28. Crafts For My Critter

    I would get the Olivia and Oliver peacoat, the Pyper cardigan, and the Waikiki suit or the aviator cap. I already have several of their patterns! [email protected]

  29. nähtina

    Hi,<br /><br />1. The Jackie<br />2. The Charlotte<br />3. The Annabelle Jacket.<br /><br />Greetings,<br />Tina

  30. nähtina

    I follow you an peekaboo 🙂

  31. Brittany

    I would love to have the Alex and Anna summer pjs, Annabelle jacket, and Lucy dress!<br /><br />mrs dot dunlap at live dot com

  32. sparklingmomma

    I would love the Bubble shorts, Ruffle Bum Romper and the Oliver &amp; Oliver Pea Coat!<br /><br />fabfamfive at gmail dot com

  33. Tempest8008

    LOVE your daughter&#39;s dress..it suits her to a tee! <br />As for patterns, I love the <br />Jasmine Dress, Clara tiered twirl dress &amp; the Harper dress 🙂

  34. gina w.

    I love the following:<br />1. bubble shorts<br />2. annabelle jacket<br />3. viviene party dress<br /><br />So so so cute!

  35. Elisabetta

    thank you so much for this adorable giveaway =)<br />I&#39;d choose:<br /><br />1. The Lucy Dress<br />2. The Natalie Dress<br />3. The Annabelle Jacket

  36. Leentje

    I didn&#39;t know Peel-a-Boo Pattern Shop until now… They DO have some great patterns there!<br /><br />It wasn&#39;t easy to choose, but here we go:<br />The Jackie, Retro Romper en Bubble Shorts

  37. Toni-Maree

    I would love to add so many to my pattern stash! My favourites are the Olivia and Oliver Pea Coat, the Pier 49 Convertable Pants and the Alex and Anna Summer PJs!<br />:)<br />toni.maree (at) ymail.com

  38. Baby Hung

    I would choose:<br />Birthday Girl <br />Bubble shorts<br />sweetheart halter<br /><br />ataihung (at) gmail.com

  39. Tiffany

    I already have the Gracie romper, which I absolutely love! If I were to win, I would pick the Ella party dress, the Pier 49 convertible pants, and the 4 in 1 sunhat. So cute!!!<br />[email protected]

  40. Jess

    Yay! A pattern giveaway! Here are my top three picks!<br />1) The Ivy Dress<br />2) The Natalie Dress<br />3) The Bubble Shorts<br /><br />[email protected]

  41. Brandon

    I would pick, the Isabella dress, Maia, and Olivia and Oliver Pea coat!<br /><br />sorry it posts hubby&#39;s name<br /><br />aldwedgi at hotmail dot com

  42. Emily

    Your version is so elegant!!! I&#39;d love to try the waikiki, la jolla, and pier 49 or annie. emmilleeATgmailDOTcom

  43. Laura

    I would choose the sweetheart halter, the retro romper and the natalie dress. So cute! laura.sinkbeil at gmail.com

  44. Nicole Bergman

    Oh man… nearly impossible to pick 3, I think I&#39;m hung up on almost all of the patterns, but the ones I especially love are:<br />1) The Jackie Dress<br />2) The Olivia/Oliver Pea Coat<br />3) The Sweetheart Halter<br /><br />Great giveaway!<br /><br />[email protected]

  45. Michaela @ coveredinmodpodge.blogspot.com

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! I would get the Gracie Romper, the Pyper Cardi, and the Madison Dress patterns!

  46. striegelm

    Thanks for the great ideas and the wonderful giveaway. I would get the Annabelle Jacket, the Bubble Shorts, and the Natalie dress.<br /><br />striegelm at gmail dot com.

  47. henna_hands

    Great giveaway, I would choose Olivia Pea Coat, the wikiki swimsuit and Bubble shorts. hennahands1 (at) gmail (d0t) com

  48. ~SuperUkhti~

    I love your Natalie version! I would choose Avery Jacket, Pier 49 pants and Ashley knit dress! Thank you for the giveaway 🙂 I love your sewing blog and your pattern shop! Anis Perth xx [email protected]

  49. Sharon

    I would love the bubble shorts, the sporty girl skort, the Olivia &amp; Oliver pea coat, &amp; the art smock. I know that&#39;s more than three, but it&#39;s too hard to narrow it down that much!

  50. deanieanderson

    jack &amp; jill shortalls, pier 49 pants, beach bum bermudas. expecting first grandbaby, a boy, next month! these patterns would really be great!

  51. Niki

    I have had my eye on the Pier 49 Convertible Pants since I found Peek-a-boo about a week ago. So crazy that you are doing this giveaway now. I would also love the Birthday Girl Dress and the Natalie Dress. <br />Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Shwin R

    Shwin my dress is going to match hers perfectly, it&#39;s beautiful!

  53. becky

    I love the lazy days romper, pier 49 convertible pants, and the annabelle jacket.

  54. Kendra L.

    I would pick… 1) Reversible crib shoes 2) The Lucy dress 3)The Waikiki one piece! So many cute patterns!!! Fingers crossed!

  55. Mary Jo

    I&#39;d pick the Stella Sun Dress, the Art Smock, and Pier 49 Pants. Cuuuute!

  56. mframe

    I would pick the Santa Monica Sweetheart Tankini, Sweetheart Halter, and the Maia Dress<br />[email protected]

  57. * Di *

    I would pick the Jackie dress, Bubble shorts, and the Olivia and Oliver Pea coat.

  58. Kathy

    Oh goodness, this is hard! I love Peek-A-Boo patterns. OK. I would pick The Waikiki one piece, The Sweetheart Halter, The Evelyn Dress, and the Sadie Nightie. I know that&#39;s 4, but that&#39;s as much as I could narrow it down. 🙂

  59. Lauren

    I would choose the Stella Sundress, the Sadie nightgown and Sweetheart halter.<br />laurendawn (at) gmail (dot) com

  60. Sarah Bester

    What a fantastic giveaway! I am wanting to purchase the Annabelle jacket, the Oliver/Olivia Pea Coat and the Lucy dress (plus the newsie and aviator hats), but would love to win some so am going to wait til the winner is announced! [email protected]

  61. Rozy

    i would pick Jack &amp; Jill shortalls, beach bum bermuda shorts &amp; Alex &amp; Anna summer PJs.<br />rozyrosly[at]gmail[dot]com

  62. hueisei

    I will pick the Madison dress, Birthday girl dress and The Jackie dress

  63. Izyani MZ

    It would have to be<br /><br />1. The Jackie<br />2. Evelyn dress<br />3. Sea breeze dress

  64. Chelsea

    it really was insanely hard to pick JUST three, but i narrowed it down to the Bubble Shorts, Olivia and Oliver Pea Coat, and the Jackie.

  65. Alyssa

    Love the dress for the wedding! I would choose the:<br />1. Olivia &amp; Oliver Pea Coat<br />2. Pier 49 Convertible Pants<br />3. Beach Bum Bermudas<br />alyssabpittman at gmail dot com

  66. Gizala

    The dress is beautiful. I simply love the flower! It was tough but I would start with:<br />*Natalie dress pattern<br />*Avery jacket<br />*Chloe reversible ruffle jacket &amp; cap<br /><br />and the list would go on…..

  67. Desi @ Wee Share

    so many I love! I would choose–<br />Bubble Shorts<br />Beach Bum bermudas<br />Sea Breeze Dress

  68. nnperez

    I would have to get the Sweetheart halter, Aviator cap and Coney Island tankini

  69. liliana

    stupendi vestiti lili

  70. Alisha

    So cute! If I won, I would choose the skorts, the burmuda shorts and the annie petal dress.

  71. Alice SA

    I love what you did with the Natalie Dress.<br />I would pick<br />1. Beach bum bermudas<br />2. Pier 49 convertible pants<br />3. Annabelle Jacket<br />[email protected]

  72. Kimberly F

    Probably the Annie petal dress, the convertible pants, and the sweetheart halter, but it&#39;s a tough choice!

  73. Me

    So many cute patterns!<br />I think I would go with the Jasmine dress, the art smock, and the Clara tiered dress.

  74. Me

    So many cute patterns!<br />I think I would go with the Jasmine dress, the art smock, and the Clara tiered dress.

  75. "Tin" Marsh

    I love all their patterns! It was hard to pick favorites, but I would have to pick the Annabelle jacket, the Natalie dress and the Madison dress.

  76. Shirley Tener

    I am making this tonight, I am afraid to chop off the T-shirt that took me forever to find….. But I love this.. I bought the pattern.. you must know, I didnt buy it on sale, stupid me. When I finish, I will share with you, only if its wearable.. LOL

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