Instagram Friday!

  1. jax

    We have that same behavior issue at our house, also from the boy. He&#39;s going to be 4.5 soon and I am hoping it will improve before he goes to kindergarten next year. We did have a good day yesterday, but some days the patience tank runs on fumes.<br />-Jackie

  2. kate

    your hair is SO cute! I don&#39;t have the guts to chop mine, but I am sick of the blow dryer, so I really should!

  3. Julia Ziółkowska

    I love the idea with the list! My little girl is only 9 months now, but if we happen to have such problems in the future (I hope not 😉 I will certainly use this one!

  4. Shirley Tener

    I think its cute, now I know who that baby girl looks like… But Your not the only Hair meltdown In the Blog world.. I am right behind ya&#39;ll too..

  5. Lucinda Poel

    Your haircut is so lovely! And I&quot;m doubly impressed because you did it yourself! And love the new baby outfit – the pleating is so very sweet.

  6. Andrea

    I can&#39;t believe you cut your hair yourself!! It looks great! We have that calico critter car too =) They really are fun toys!

  7. Shannon

    I&#39;ve been reading your blog for some time now, but I don&#39;t think I&#39;ve ever seen you. It&#39;s so nice to put a face with the blog. (So lovely.) The baby jumper is adorable!

  8. Suzanne Winter

    love the hair – and I want the pattern to the overalls like YESTERDAY ;o) I&#39;m glad it will be coming soon (you are amazingly talented and generous!!) – baby girl neeeeeeeeeds these in her wardrobe! These boys – I keep hoping they will grow out of behavior issues (at only 18 months I know I have a long road ahead), at least for now they are sweet to baby sister… that I will cherish for all

  9. Justine of SewCountryChick

    Yes, you are so brave to chop your hair and you look so cute now!

  10. Jo

    I love the baby jumper… looking forward to your post about it.<br /><br />

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