Welcome to Instagram Friday!
A glimpse into life beyond the sewing and crafting…

 Do you go to the fabric store at the worst times ever? Even though I am home all week, and I know I could go to Joann fabric when it is likely dead, I almost always end up there on Saturday morning. (you know because I love drawing a number at the cut counter that is at least 30 numbers off from what is being called and I have anxious kids in the cart) This Saturday morning I at least had a “cool” kid with me, I love when she decides she wants to wear her sunglasses all the time no matter what. (oh and I spy a little baby bump do you?)

 Jude loves the drawing apps, only his drawing has become quite abstract… what is this he is drawing? None other than a submarine with an octopus on top…

 The little dude went off to kindergarten this week. He loves it. I love it. It is the best thing that ever happened to us, at least for three hours a day 🙂

 Kindergarten means time to work on projects that have been floating around in my head with no time to get them done. First up were some baby projects… (hint hint it’s a new pattern hopefully to be tested soon)

Then there was the jacket… it is so close, this was my 4th attempt and hopefully final to getting the details down the way I wanted them… (also may be out to test soon)

So it was a great week, oh and I have a super fun announcement later this weekend! See you then