Welcome to Instagram Friday! 
A little glimpse into life beyond sewing and crafting (even though let’s face it sewing and crafting is the good part of life 🙂

 My sweet Abbey and I get to have a fun little trip each day walking Jude to school. Let’s just say I LOVE this time with her although the heat does make me a sweaty mess by the time we come home, I love the quality time and so does Abbey. She misses her buddy but I think she likes the time alone with me as much as I like the time alone with her.

 My husbands Grandpa and my “adopted Grandpa” had his 88th birthday, we celebrated by making is favorite dinner and I made him his favorite cake, chocolate on chocolate, can’t go wrong with that… (no we did not fit 88 candles on the cake)

 Abbey likes to zone out during breakfast… and lunch and dinner, seriously she is the worlds slowest eater on this planet, but still I get a kick of the morning zone out. (and the girl has the worlds best bed head, seriously she kills me)

When we leave out the door early enough on the way to school the kids get the perk of walking the “long way” which is past a compound with some horses. They love to watch the horses and make up stories about them (usually related to my little pony episodes pretty sure that is completely normal)

Jude is in Kindergarten, he loves it, but I hear the dreaded words… “It’s boring” Boring??? Why? Apparently they have not yet gotten to math (his favorite) and then spend each day doing what he learned in preschool, most I am sure is review type stuff since it is only the end of the second week of school, so he does his math when he comes home. I really hope this love of doing “homework” and really love of math continues.

So in other news if you follow us on facebook you have seen some more sneak peeks of things to come… but we do have news! Due to popular request and because we love a deal as much as the person we added pattern bundle prices!
So if you missed out on the codes we just ran that ended 🙁 No worries they are back! and this time they are here to stay! (you can also find them on the discounts tab in the shop which will also be where any other current deals are being shared)

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