Welcome to Instagram Friday! A little glimpse of life beyond the sewing and crafting. 

 Jude has a lot of energy. (a lot) We have always found ways to expound his energy, and he has taken quite a liking to track and field events. He was a runner. We have kept records of his times. Then we watched the olympics and he is now into the running long jump. This week he blew his old record out of the water by landing a 77 inch jump. With every jump he gets up and says… I can do better

 We started the canning process of the tree full of pears. Canning is a lot of work, all the cutting and peeling, and cooking, and the canning… but man seeing beautiful jars full of pears… it’s love.

 I made mini pot pies this week in hopes that they would please even my picky eaters… Leaving out the peas even since Abbey won’t eat things that are green. (She is very open to foods of the purple and pink variety, that just limits things) Jude thought they looked delicious, he ate most of one… Abbey wouldn’t touch them, but they were delicious.

We had literacy night at Jude’s school. Jude thought it was pretty boring, except for the part that he got to act out the book “caps for sale” (he was a monkey in the tree) He did however come home and read a book to his sister, which was sweet.