The Bow Belt {Belly+Baby}

  1. Jessica at Me Sew Crazy

    you preggos with your belly belts, so stinking cute. Jess was wearing a belt last week, and I was like – man, how cute is that?! I never thought to put my belt over my belly like that, and now here you are with this adorable tutorial Shauna. You guys are so cute!!!

  2. Straight Grain

    Stylish yet playful 🙂 And what a beautiful belly you have!

  3. {jen} iCandyhandmade

    That is super cute! I think I gotta make me one…even though I am not pregnant I think it would be adorable!

  4. Bingo Buttercup Crafts

    This is precious! I love that I can still wear this after my pregnancy. It still totally works even if its not proudly displayed atop my baby bump. Thanks for posting! i&#39;m loving this series!<br /><br />-Amberly!

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