Welcome to instagram Friday! A little glimpse of life beyond crafting and sewing.

 Girls night out put on by the amazing Jessica at Me Sew Crazy happened! It was so much fun! I would do a full recap of the nights event, butI didn’t take any pictures… The restaurant was dark but lovely and I really just had a great time meeting some ladies I have admired for some time and it was great to meet them face to face and some who I didn’t really know at all but it was great meeting such a wonderful group of ladies and we all had something in common. The love of sewing! We also walked away with some sweet swag, it was a great night!

 Since the Girls Night Out event was a little ways away from home, the whole family decided we would make a weekend out of it. The kids loved staying at a hotel for the night (what makes hotels so much more fun than sleeping at home?) The kids and my husband caught a pre-season basketball game and then the next morning we all went out for breakfast outside.

 We finished off fall break with a little trip to the build a bear workshop. The kids loved it and it was so worth the peace and quiet it earned me 🙂

 Even though I have been failing to post the rest of my projects (even the ones I made during KCWC) I have been sewing up a storm, including working on 3 new patterns. I will call it nesting. I am pretty excited about this pattern… once I get the quirks figured out 🙂 (this particular one is for baby to be since testing out a pattern in mini versions takes almost no fabric)

 I went shopping with my husband for some new jeans… I believe he tried on 30 pairs of jeans we finally walked away with one pair… men. Lucky for me one of our stops was at JCPenny which has Sephora, my skin has been horrible with this pregnancy, I mean horrible, so I put a call into my super hero (shiwn) and she saved my day… Argon Oil. It is a miracle, and I bet you now all wish you had a shiwn you could call 🙂

Ok I get this question a lot: “where do you get your buttons?” Yes I am a button hoarder. I love buttons I use a lot of buttons, I can’t get enough of them. They can be pricey especially if you are picking out buttons on those little cards for each project… yikes. So my secret? 2 places I get all my buttons Joanns, and Ebay. At Joanns they have a Mega button box (usually on the bottom of the shelf below all the buttons) It is 10 oz. of buttons for 5.99 I usually use a coupon 50% off. The load in the picture is my most recent box. You get lots of matching sets, lots of colors, some really cool buttons some cheap crappy buttons, but it’s a great haul. I try to add one a month and before you know it you have a mega collection and will never need to button search again. Oh and on ebay I buy mix bags, same type of deal.