Instagram Friday!

  1. Jen@thecraftingfiend

    love that little top you are making! if you need a pattern tester my little girl is 5weeks (and the other is 2 wearing a skinny 3t – she's tall) 🙂

  2. Simple Simon & Co

    Shauna—it was so fun to meet you. But next time, you are sitting at our end of the table!!!<br />-liZ

  3. nest full of eggs

    that gray &amp; white baby outfit with the pink bow is absolutely adorable !!!<br />I have gotten a lot of vintage buttons from vintage or antique stores, they can also be found at flea markets, estate sales, etc.<br />But if I&#39;m looking for a very specific kind of button (that I can&#39;t find anywhere), then it would have to be etsy…

  4. Vanessa@Designs By Sessa

    All my buttons have been inherited but I will check out the mega buttons next! I find myself commenting on your Friday posts more than your usual awesome sewing-ness posts, lol, I think i like seeing the behind the scenes! haha!

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