Welcome to instagram Friday! A little glimpse into life beyond the sewing and crafting. 

 Abbey was in rare form this week, excited to wear dresses, and get her hair done. Two things she is not usually all about. Which is funny for a pink and purple loving girly girl. I also got my act together and brought out some fall decor, pumpkins included. The kids were happy. (oh and the dress is a new pattern soon to be released 🙂

 We got busy painting pumpkins. Carving is not really our thing. The kids love painting anyway.

 Our Kiwi Crate of the month came and it was shadow puppets! Which was perfect because we had dark and dreary rainy weather all week. The kids loved the shadow puppets and we had shadow puppet shows for hours.

Another way we choose to pass the time on these rainy days was pretending to sleep… well the kids pretended I may or may not have pretended :)Nothing beats cuddling in bed on a cold rainy day.

Our week ended with some surprises… we woke up to snow! I was actually a little sad, granted I love snow but in October? And after the super hot summer and fall we have been having this was just surprising… the kids thought it meant the baby was coming, since I have been telling all summer she will arrive when the snow comes… the snow came really early… the baby? Hopefully she will hold out a little while longer although the end is near 🙂

Also posting is a little slow, I have projects to share but my mom and my shwin are here for a visit! So we are soaking up that family time and they are helping me get ready for the little one to arrive, and of course shopping and laughing and well so little time left for blogging but I do have some things I am eager to share.