Welcome to instagram Thursday… I promise it’s not a new thing, it will return to Fridays, but this week I have a guest post on Friday and thought instead of double posting I would just move this to today. Which is good since I was planning on sharing a free pattern today… but it’s not ready yet 🙂 So Monday will be free pattern day! Think Christmas Pajamas! 

 The week started out great! Thanksgiving wrapped up we peacefully enjoyed time as a family, went to go see Wreck it Ralph (super cute) and to get everyone in the mood to set up for Christmas I woke them up with the sweet smell and taste of home made holiday spice doughnuts. They were yummy. (and can be made in less than 20 min, maybe someday I will share my secret)

 Abbey has a new “thing” she does things “by accident” Like brushing her teeth to get ready for bed… it was an accident she actually wanted to stay up longer. Throwing her sandwich to the dog, was an accident, she wanted to finish it so she could get her treat… I kind of love the new phase cause it makes me laugh.
(the dirty mirror does not make me laugh but whatever it is what it is)

 Do you have picky eaters? I have and I am not kidding when I say the worlds pickiest eaters. Abbey? She eats peanut butter toast… and that’s about it. She used to eat a few other things but it’s come down to toast or nothing lately. Jude? He will eat chicken nuggets, and toast. So we are forcing them to branch out or starve… ok not really starve but the kids need to eat real food and I am little sick of the complaining at every meal so they got to make their own veggie pizzas, (more on those later) Both kids made them, and ate them. It was a small victory.

 Other small victories… I am in the end friends. The “any day now” which likely means any week now, but certainly not more than 3, so I feel like a ticking time bomb. I keep waiting for an energy boost, or the nesting phase to set in… it doesn’t seem to be coming. However the big room swap, crib set up and nursery “put-together” is going down this weekend, so that’s something.

Ending the week on a high note, Jude was looking through pictures, this one was from the morning we were setting up for Christmas. He brought me my phone and asks, “why am I acting like superman but dressed like spiderman?”

I love that cross superhero boy. (and the girl who is equally amused by his high on sugar doughnuts and Christmas spirt antics)

So that’s our week, we will see you back here with a special guest post and Monday with a free pattern!