Welcome to this weeks link party!
(no baby yet…hopefully soon 🙂 We did have a busy week, nothing quite like the fear of the baby coming any day to get all the things done that you have been meaning to do for awhile…

 We started Advent. I love advent, and my mom sent me the advent calendar from when we were kids. It’s fun to share something from my childhood with my kids.

 We have had many rainy nights, which is odd for December, but rain still makes for a cozy evening.

 The biggest project this week was getting new carpet in the basement. I love new carpet! The new carpet was part of the delay in other projects, we had to wait till the new carpet was in before we could move Jude downstairs, and then we moved Abbey to Jude’s room, and set up the baby’s room in Abbey’s old room. Whew, it was quite a switch up. (and no it didn’t put me into labor as I had hoped it might 🙂 Jude’s room is the only one that is nearly complete. It’s the old playroom, minus the butterflies and with a new (but old) dresser which I love, it used to be my husbands, sad thing, it’s missing one knob… one, and I love the old knobs, so now I am on the hunt to some how find one knob to replace it…

We also had a special surprise visitor (well surprise for the kids we knew he was coming) Our church sends a Santa around to visit all the kids. It helps with the behavior, Jude loved it, Abbey was a little unsure, even though she says she loves Santa.

So that was our week, how was your week?