It’s that time of year, the giving of gifts, thinking of others, and all that goodness. Every year the hardest part for me is thinking of the neighbor gifts. We have some of the best neighbors, they are older, they love our kids and they put up with all the noise and craziness that often comes from our house. One even entertains our children on a regular basis for several hours a day. (she is amazing) So even this year with all the craziness going on I knew we had to do our neighbor gifts to thank our dear sweet neighbors, but this same idea could be used to give a gift to anyone you like, or add to your holiday decor, whatever you like it’s really easy and I love the way it turned out. 

You need 2 things really, a ceramic plate and a Sharpie marker (permanent marker)They recently came out with gold, and I thought it was perfect for this project. I got my plates from the dollar store. (I also like cheap 🙂 Wash the plates. Then I used my Silhouette to cut out a reindeer out of vinyl but you could go free hand, or use any sticker. I just cut it out and stuck it on. Then I colored all around the sticker. Then peel off the sticker. Bake the plate in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 min. This makes the design baked on and should be dishwasher safe, although I have only ever hand washed the plates. Then top with cookies and deliver to your neighbors, they get a yummy treat and a new Christmas plate.

Looking for other gift ideas? I had fun putting together my annual Holiday Gift Guide with ideas for almost anyone on your list:

The Sewing lover:

1: Bukhara Orange Stencil Floral
2: Bukhara Multi Fez Yardage
3:Bukhara Multi Henna Yardage
4: Small Cheveron Rolie Polie
5: Basic Grey Notations Polished Blossom Linen in Blush
6:Basic Grey Notations Delicate Blossom Seaspray in Bloom
7:Small Basic Dots Charm Pack
8:Blue Cool Cords
9: Notting hill Aquamarine
10:Bermuda Chevron

For the girls:

1:Ballerina Kitty Sewing Pattern
2:Baby Blanket Lovey with custom embroidery
3:Fairy Fun
4:Kitty Bowling Set
5:Mini Frida Doll Sewing Pattern
6:Barefoot Roses Dress

For the boys:

1: Personalized Helicopter Toy
2:Space Hero Capes
3:Baby Boy Quilt with custom embroidery
4: Captain America Hooded Tee

For Men and Women:

1: How I met your mother cufflinks for Him
2: Bird Nest Necklace
3: Men’s Abstract Art Watch
4: Chevron Clutch with Chain