It’s been a while since I did an Instagram Friday Post. 
But since nothing else was getting posted this week, maybe it was time for a life post. You can always follow along to life as it happens find me on instagram @shwinpics 

 Penny is growing way too fast, and yet really slow at the same time. I can’t believe she is over a month old already. We have spent as much time as we can soaking up the sun to get rid of her Jaundice. It’s lasted the longest in Penny than it did in the other kids, but she has also been the smallest.

 We spend lots of time cuddling in bed in the mornings. It seems I am slow to rise after a long night and the kids are just as happy to climb in bed in the morning for some cuddles. So what if we stay in bed till 9:30-10…

 I am 99% done with this pattern ready for testers soon… I am just waiting for a few of the other spring patterns to be done as well, it also takes twice as much times these days 🙂

 The kids and I made up a batch of our favorite salted caramel popcorn with chocolate drizzle, I will share the recipe soon… it’s delish!

 Abbey’s room is almost done, since she took over Jude’s old room and it had to be “girlyfied” (not a real word) A full reveal will come when and if I finish the room 🙂

 This is how I get things done most days. Wearing one baby and two kids following my every move… It works

 Having three kids has been challenging to find the balance, between taking care of them and finding time to do my things. But I refuse to make them give up their time so things are just a little slower while I learn to utilize every spare second.

 We ventured out of the house with all three kids for some family fun. We choose bowling, Abbey won, well she kicked butt and took names. Jude was not a fan of loosing to his little sister.

 We also got and played The Beatles Monopoly. It is awesome.

 My beloved machine had an incident this week. Some kids (not mine) put pins in all the holes they could find filling it up with loose metal. I took it apart and rescued it. Then I heard the most beautiful noise in the world… a sewing machine back up and running… of course then I had to move along and take care of kids 🙂

We have also clearly embraced the January Blahs. We have been having a record breaking cold winter this year, (cold for here, not cold compared to my childhood winters in Minnesota) The air has been horrible, trapping us inside, and the sky has been grey far too many days. This has resulted in some moody days from the kids.

So life with three is not too bad, they all love each other, which is nice. Hopefully I can squeeze in some time here and there to share some fun projects.