Instagram Friday {Life as we know it}

  1. Rachel

    I love to read posts like this! Makes you seem a little more like the rest of us (instead of the amazing, talented seamstress!-which you are). Seeing the pictures of babies makes me yearn for another (too old to have one). Reading several blogs about adopting internationally makes me want that too. But, I also love my sleep, which I am able to finally get now that my youngest is 4. I loved

  2. Bitten Usagi

    We've got the blahs here too! I don't remember winters being so cold like these last few years. Or maybe it's just because I have a phone that reminds me constantly when we have weeks of single digit & negative temps, lol. Your family is adorable. And little miss Penny sure is feeding my baby fever!! 😉

  3. neilandnikki

    we have the blahs too! we are in a record breaking cold-snap too. it&#39;s been around -40F so many days in the last week or two, it&#39;s crazy. i&#39;m managing an outing approximately every ten days…<br />is it spring yet???<br />looks like you&#39;re doing well with three kids! it is tricky but four is waaaaaay harder let me tell you! i&#39;m still trying to sort out how to make things work

  4. Hannah @Supermommy!...Or Not.

    She is such a cute little peanut! I love the picture of her in between the older two kids 🙂 Wish I&#39;d taken one like that when my 4 month old was a newborn.

  5. Charo Murciano

    Como me gusta este post! Y los niños están geniales y el bebé para comérselo!<br />Y tu guapísima. Enhorabuena y un beso<br />I enjoy this post! And the kids are great and the baby to eat!<br />And your beautiful. Congratulations and a kiss

  6. Straight Grain

    You have such a beautiful family! Lovely pictures…

  7. Krista Hansen

    Beautiful family! I&#39;m trying to find balance with 3 kids also but my baby is 6 months old. It&#39;s hard. I&#39;m glad you got your machine fixed. I had a friend and her kids over and her little boy took scissors to my sewing machine cords. He cut right through the power cord and also the pedal cord. Luckily it wasn&#39;t plugged in! It&#39;s nice to know that such a beautiful and talented

  8. marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings

    so many sweet pictures. and I would have had an hissy fit if some kids did that to my machine holey moley not okay. I&#39;m glad you got it sorted out. I&quot;m terrified of opening up my machine.

  9. Falafel and the Bee

    Thanks for sharing that little glimpse into real life.<br />Do you have pattern testers- or do you open it up to your readers?<br />That looks like a fantastically fun one to sew:)<br /><br />~Michelle

  10. Zsóka

    Annyira szépek vagytok! Jó egészséget, és még nagyon sok kedves írást. Várom szeretettel.<br />Zsóka

  11. DolceDreams

    Your new angel is just beautiful! Oh how my heart trembled when I read about your machine….thank goodness it is up and running, AND that it wasn&#39;t one of your own children :)<br />Nathalie

  12. Kathryn

    What a cute baby! Nothing is more important that children:)

  13. Andrea Folsom

    Your blog is beautiful! I popped over from FB when I saw your super pattern post (so many patterns, so little time!) and after bookmarking my favorites am now popping around your site – and I love it! Certainly going on my reader 🙂 Your little ones are adorable – I look forward to exploring some more, just wanted to say hi 🙂

  14. More Like June

    Love the new pattern! I FINALLY made one of your many pattern&#39;s I&#39;ve purchased. LUCY TUNIC. And it turned out amazing. I shall be making more and also trying some of the other patterns. 🙂

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