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Super Easy Peasy Baby Headband

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  1. Sheena Anderson

    Awww..hopefully she'll come around for smiles with pictures soon. My 14 month old sees the camera and stops whatever he is doing and

  2. serra güler

    This girl is very cute. and I love the hair band

  3. Amber Koogler

    Fabulous tute! Pinned! <br />Amber-<a href="; rel="nofollow">Dimples &amp; Pig Tales</a><br />

  4. Sabra at Sew a Straight Line

    Oh, she&#39;s adorable! i wish I had a couple of these when Ivy was smaller and more oddly folicled.

  5. Alissa

    So cute! Love the creative headband too!<br /><br />Alissa<br />

  6. Stephanie

    too cute and very easy, thanks for all those tips 🙂

  7. christina

    oh, she is too cute for words! i remember the newborn phase with #3…hang in there:)

  8. Cheryl Shipp

    She is so adorable! I&#39;m going to make some of these for my granddaughter. Thanks!

  9. StinchfieldWoods

    These are so cute! Do you have suggestions for length sizing? I want to make a couple for my niece (newborn) and a few she can grow into as well. I wish I had a few babies I could measure, but mothers tend to frown on weird women who want to borrow their babies for sizing.

  10. Joshua ryan

    Hi,<br />I love these these! They look simple and cute!! 🙂 visit our site – <a href="; rel="nofollow">Newborn baby girl tutu dresses</a>

  11. chandini

    very nice

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