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 With a “newborn” (she is almost 5 months old but I still feel like we are in the two week old chaos phase) I need quick and easy projects. Creating something feeds my soul but when I sit down to sew it takes me a week to make a top… yeah. So I LOVE a project that takes less than 5 min and honestly you don’t even need a sewing machine you could do a few quick hand stitches and be done. Hence the Super Easy Peasy Baby Headband.  

 A cute turban inspired head band that is beyond quick and easy and super comfortable for a baby to wear. Which is great because my babies always loose their hair in a bit of an odd pattern and their cute little fuzzy heads look better with a headband.

 The cute little twist just adds a little something to the design and they are made from stretchy knit so it’s super quick.

 Start with a scrap of knit. You want the stretch to run width wise. I made mine a couple inches (3 maybe?) thick and then the width should wrap around the head 2 times a little snug but not too tight. Then sew the strip so you have a large tube. You just have to sew the ends together you can do this with the machine or by hand.

 Then twist the big loop to make a figure 8.

 Twist the center so it has a full twist and not just one layer laying over the the other.

 Then pick it up and you will have a double loop with a twist in it.

 pop it on the head and you are good to go. A couple notes. This works best with a knit that has about 50% stretch (can double in size and return) It makes it a little more comfortable to wear. Think knit with spandex or rayon in it. Also knit that is the same on both sides or doesn’t have a “wrong” side per say will be best so you don’t have to finish any edges or worry about the wrong side showing. If you did use a one sided knit you could sew wrong sides together to create a long tube before sewing the ends together and then all the raw edges would be on the inside.

 Since they have stretch they will grow nicely with baby. Now it’s time to go make one for every outfit 🙂

 Also Penny has already figured out the camera/phone deal and all smiles go away the instant she sees one… unless you put it off to the side and trick her, but then all the “smile shots” are out of focus. Hopefully she comes around to the idea of smiling for pictures.