Summer is in full swing around here and that means one thing around these parts… I hear “I’m BORED!” At least 20 times a day… that is unless of course something super fun and exciting is planned every moment of the day. Hitting the pool each morning is not enough to keep these little minds occupied anymore. So incase you are in the same boat and searching for summer activities to keep the little ones happy, and entertained and possibly even learning a thing or two here are 10 ideas we are pretty fond of. (most we have actually done and LOVE some are still on the to-do list)

1: Painted Garden
2: Kiwi Crates (once a month fun kits!)
3: Exploding Chalk
4:Popsicle Chalk
5:Homemade Sprinkler (the kids love this one)
6:Recycled Jet Packs
7:Sun catchers (lovely and awesome)
8:Paper Parachutes (fun to race)
9: Water noodle games
10: Spatter painting

What are you doing to have fun this summer and keep those little minds happy?