I love to get my kids involved in crafting as much as possible. It entertains them and I love seeing what they come up with. We had some left over frames just waiting to be filled so we sat down and I let the kids go to town creating some works of art.

 The best thing about kid art is that the less perfect it is the better it turns out. I love seeing bits of them in each piece they make.

 Jude is really into drawing and has become quite the little artist so it’s fun to see him draw.

 Stick their art into a frame and it makes it museum worthy. Place the art in a prominent place in your house and they will be so proud to see their work of art on display.

Even Abbey got into the project and drew her and I on a boat fishing. I don’t know what I love more the fact that we have never actually gone fishing ever, or the cute little belly buttons that she gives all of her people and the fact that she signs her art with an A that she turned into a sail for the boat. I love it all. Kids at any age can really make some great abstract art for your house.